Character and Power

We should not be impressed with people who have strong anointings or power who do not have a life of character. On the other hand, we cannot think a person with moral excellence is all that a Christian should be.

Jesus was neither a monk nor a showman.

Jesus was a miracle worker who operated with great power and Jesus lived a life of holiness who hated sin and loved righteousness.

We should always aspire both: character and power.

Character demonstrates the work of God within us to transform us into his likeness. And power witnesses to the glory of Jesus as the supreme God of the universe.

I want people to see the holiness of God through my life. Yet I want also want people to see the power of God as I lay hands on the sick, blind, and the demon-possessed. Both bear witness to God’s greatness, and both form the direction that we should strive to be as Christians.


Posted by Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing in the Black Box for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.


  1. "One Sent"

    Amen!!♥ And may I add: To mature in His anointing is to walk (full) of and in His Love. It is His Spirit of Love that enables us to Love each other beyond the flesh.♥… Abiding in Him; that’s how we Love each other…♥
    We share similar passions bro Phillips. And it’s always a joy when I find affirmation of truth♥… I offer you my support, in the bonds of Unity & Love; to the praise of His glorious grace!♥

  2. "One Sent"

    PS: bro Phillip. What I meant by “higher ground” is to humble ourselves in flesh enough that His light of Truth & Love can work through us… there, we can Love one another in and through His Spirit, no matter what package we’re wrapped in.

    ~Just for sake of clarity.:)

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