Holy Intoxication – What It Means to be Drunk in the Spirit A thorough, biblical, and experiential exploration of spiritual drunkenness.

A thorough, biblical, and experiential exploration of spiritual drunkenness.


I’m writing this post to explain a phenomenon that I used to detest as a younger Christian, yet strangely enough, am personally experiencing myself more and more of. As I am growing in my faith, I don’t see this trend going in the opposite direction, and so now at this point, I am begging for some theological and biblical reflection on this phenomenon.

This phenomenon is none other than being drunk in the Holy Spirit. 

I’m writing this because I feel that I have two audiences reading; both of which I want to explain what I’ve learned as well as learn from.

First are my non-charismatic / conservative / Reformed / curious friends who will have responses to this phenomenon which range from “This is unbiblical”, “This is pointless”, “I don’t have experience of this”, “This is honestly really weird”, to “I’m actually a bit curious about it.” Yes I have you in mind as I write because I care about you and want to defend not only mine and many other Christians’ experiences, but show that there is good biblical precedence for this phenomenon. Also I want to learn from you and hear your thoughts about this.

Second are my super charismatic / pentecostal friends. While I have ecstatic experiences in the Holy Spirit, I admit not as much as you guys. So I want to hear your mystical experiences and spiritual insights into this.

So here’s my biblical and theological reflection on why some Christians roll around the floor laughing  with joy. Enjoy.


Biblical Precedence for Spiritual Drunkenness

Yes, I am being drunk in the Holy Spirit and am a Bible-believing Christian. What are the odds? I want to show some passages in the scriptures which inform my understanding of being drunk in the Spirit.

Acts 2:1-13 – Pentecost

“But others mocking said, ‘They are filled with new wine.'” 

The first place I want to look is Acts on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is prophetically poured out powerfully on the believers at the time. What happens is that “they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.” Furthermore, the crowd gathers around them and mocks them first with amazement. But the second observation they note is striking to me.

It says, “Others mocked them saying, ‘They are filled with new wine'” (2:13). Even Peter would later respond to this accusation by saying “These are people are not drunk, as you suppose, since it is only the third hour of the day” (2:15).

What an interesting way to describe the filling of the Holy Spirit, that the apostles were “drunk”. When you think of a group of people being drunk, even across different cultures, I think you can imagine the same scene–probably a boisterous, tipsy, and chaotic scene. I can imagine them falling over, being a little light headed, and laughing, intoxicated with the influence of the wine.

The reason I think this is the case is because the accusation of being drunk doesn’t satisfy men simply standing there speaking in other human languages, because that’s quite a normal activity that happens (even though it was supernaturally given to them). This description given in Acts reveals a more chaotic scene as the influencing power of the Holy Spirit is on them.

In short, I think the scene in Acts is one of men and women who are filled with the Spirit, and being drunk in His presence. This intoxicating presence leads them to speak in other languages declaring God’s praises, and leads to the possibility of other activities fit for the description of being drunk e.g. being tipsy, light-headed, falling over, laughing excessively.

Ephesians 5:18

 And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.

We enter further into the New Testament, which I argue has a very robust and pervasive theology of the Holy Spirit. In Ephesians, Paul comments on being filled with the Spirit and contrasts it with “being drunk with wine.”

The comparison is meant to show that there is a both strong connection and difference between being intoxicated with wine and being intoxicated with the Holy Spirit. The similarity, by nature of the metaphor, is that both are powerful controlling substances/agents.

When alcohol enters our system it leads us to a number of things e.g. lowering of inhibition, fake friendliness, fake happiness, laughing at things, lower bodily control. These usually only bring us to bad places because people do stupid things when they’re drunk.

When the Spirit is filling us, I think it leads to many of those things like alcohol, except in the opposite direction. Lowering of inhibition leads to boldness for Jesus, friendliness and supernatural joy, laughing at things (because God is quite funny), and lowering bodily control (an inherent quality of controlling substances).

When people are filled with the Spirit, they do great things they will exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. But what I’m highlighting here is the phenomenological similarities between being drunk in the Spirit and being drunk with wine.

1 Samuel 19 – Saul Prophesying with the Prophets

the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied…

A study on the Spirit in the Bible will eventually lead you to a study of the Spirit in the Old Testament, as its presence is quite frequent. Of the many, I will highlight just one.

This is actually both a hilarious and powerful scene.

Saul is chasing David to kill him. And then out of nowhere the text says, “the Spirit of God falls on Saul’s messengers and they started prophesying.” There was a sudden interruption of their course of action as the Spirit fell on them. They couldn’t chase David anymore because the Spirit of God was on them. It wasn’t just a mental shift like “Oh I’m going to stop chasing David now”, but they were physically arrested by the Spirit of God which led them to prophesy uncontrollably.

Most people won’t believe it but the text will go on later to say that Saul would be hit and filled with the Spirit of God and, I quote, “he too prophesied before Samuel and lay naked all that day and all that night” (19:24).

What a strange yet powerful image of the Holy Spirit.

I bring this to show that the Spirit has power in him which leads to real physical effects on the human person as witnessed by the people in the Bible who were filled with him.


Spiritual & Theological Reflections

My Experience of Being Drunk in the Spirit

Experience doesn’t teach everything but it does inform our theology more than we give it credit for, so allow me to share my personal experiences.

I’ve come to a point in my faith when I can recognize the move of the Spirit on my life. I can tell when he’s deeply wounded by my actions, when he’s ecstatic by my presence, when he’s just enjoying our conversation, or when he’s filling me with spiritual power for a ministry task.

In addition, the Christian life is about making a proper resting place for Jesus to dwell and move in us. So as I am growing and Jesus is having more of my heart, there is more room for his presence to dwell in me.

With that, my experiences of encountering God over the years become increasingly intense, and I have a handful of powerful ecstatic experiences which only a few people know about. But lately, being filled in the Spirit to a point where I am just sitting there chuckling or falling over completely bawling with uncontrollable laughter has been an increasing occurrence.

What happens to me during that time? Well, for sure, I feel the joy of the Lord. Joy is not something you can fake. There’s a real sense where the joy of God’s presence (Ps 16:11) is manifested in that moment. All my worries that I was presently thinking about are suddenly put into perspective of being in the presence of an overly joyous God. His joy wells up inside me and I can’t help but just laugh because my troubles are so silly. He loves me like crazy.

It’s like God is tickling me and revelation is just flowing. I see and hear thoughts constantly; I literally want to write and tweet them out all the time. I will want to spontaneously dance and worship God, which I often will do. His presence on me is so strong with divine happiness and I will start praying in tongues.

I’ve been drunk in front of my roommates before and they thought it was a very strange sight. That’s fine–I think it’s strange when people are drunk on wine. When I’m filled with God’s presence I am completely in another universe, the universe of God’s love.

The Phenomenon of the Living God inside of Us

To the concern of there being a phenomenological result at all when the Spirit of God comes on us, my concerns are actually opposite. My concern is when the living God of the universe enters a frail finite human frame, why isn’t there an even greater phenomenological response?

Why aren’t we all blowing up with the amount of energy which exists in the Triune God dwelling inside of us? The fact that people, when filled with the Spirit of God, are falling over, shaking, or laughing uncontrollably seems almost like a small thing.

To understand the phenomenon of being drunk in the Spirit, we have to come to understanding that God touches us not just in a “spiritual” way, but in a real physical way. I think this is the point of the biblical passages I brought forward. His presence is not just a force or a feeling, but it is the person of Jesus, with all his emotions and power dwelling inside our weak and frail bodies.

Drunkenness as Operating From an Alternate Universe

It is known that Jesus’ entire ministry is based on this: “Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing” (John 5:19). He does everything because he sees his Father in heaven doing it.

It’s out of this that Jesus spends precious time praying alone with Father. His time with God completely dominated his life and informed his ministry. He did everything out of being connected with God.

It is out of this which led him to do things that no one else thought was plausible. He waited an additional 2 days to heal Lazarus; he went into Jerusalem despite people wanting to kill him; he fed 5000 people with a few loaves and fish despite his disciples’ insistence. He simply saw things differently. It was as if he was operating from an alternative universe. Yes, it is the universe of his Father’s world.

Being drunk in the Spirit is like that. When the Spirit of God is on you in a powerful way, you have access to the heavenlies like never before. You begin operating out of the presence of God residing in you. It’s quite a humorous and exciting experience when you are laughing with joy because God’s Spirit is on you in the midst of a context which is so depressed. It’s much better to operate out of divine joy than to operate out of the depressing spiritual environment you are in.

Being Drunk with Others

I remember a time when I went to Bethel Church in Redding (the church where Jesus Culture comes out of and where Bill Johnson teaches), everyone was getting drunk in the Spirit all the time. People were in classrooms falling over with laughter and joy, and it led to them having supernatural faith (which I believe is why they see so many miracles in their church). It was quite an experience, to say the least.

I’ve had a few of those experiences before. There are times when the Spirit of God falls on a group of people and then they suddenly start losing it. I remember just looking at someone else who is shaking, falling, and laughing, and in that moment, all I could think of was Psalm 34 where it says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”

We were just so happy and we were enjoying together in our senses that the God who inhabits and surrounds us indeed tastes good. He tastes so good it we just laughed at how good his presence felt on us.

Historical Precedence

I am actually not very well researched in this area, but I want to bring a resource I found from Mike Bickle who found in his research that spiritual manifestations were very common throughout heightened spiritual activity in the church, even the Great Awakenings in American religious history.

The PDF can be found here.

His PDF also has some great insights that I won’t touch on concerning manifestations in the Spirit.

Common Objections

I want to briefly comment on some common objections I hear.

“The Holy Spirit should yield the fruit of the Spirit, not this.” – True. I love the fruit of the Spirit and how the Spirit teaches and empowers us to live lives of character. But this endeavor is not opposed to being drunk in his presence and the fruit of the Spirit does not sum up the entirety of the NT’s teaching about the expectation for the Spirit.

“The church should have order (1 Cor 14) and being drunk is wildness” – True, the church should have order. Two comments. First, order is contextual and relative. What is “orderly” is different in a white middle class congregation and a Indonesian church. Second, I think the concern in 1 Cor 14 is Paul trying to order the usage of spiritual gifts so that they are working in unity, hence “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace” (1 Cor 14:33).

“It’s just really weird.” – I’ll give you that. But I will posit two things. First, I find that the people who find it most weird are influenced more by American philosophy of naturalism (which often denies spiritual reality / prioritizes intellectualism) than biblical reality of real spiritual presences influencing human behavior. The biblical world is rife with spiritualism and ecstatic experiences. Second, there’s a strong connection between the Book of Acts Church in them being filled with the Spirit and the power of the church. Considering how powerless our churches are, perhaps it is not the drunk who are weird, but those aren’t are (I say this not as an indictment, but just to bring a shift in perspective).

What’s the Point of Being Drunk?

The point of being drunk is connected with experiencing God. Yes, I am making a point that being drunk on the Spirit should yield great results. But I think the important thing, which I think most people who oppose it don’t quite get is that, encountering God is an ends in itself.

When we’re drunk in the Spirit, we are literally filled with God’s presence, for all his joy, his mystery, his power, and it is an amazing feeling and experience.

I mean, you are encountering the God of the universe in a real manifest way. And it should lead you to live a holier, more loving life, which is a goal. But if the gospel is about a relationship with God, then anytime we encounter God, it is a holy ends in itself. 

And being drunk in the Spirit is a very real way of encountering God.



I hope that these thoughts are helpful in helping us think about the phenomenon known as being drunk in the Holy Spirit.

I hope to share more thoughts in the future as I grow experientially, theologically, and spiritually on this subject.

With that being said, I welcome any thoughts or criticisms.


Posted by Phillip Chan

Phil has been writing in the Black Box for 10 years. His passion is to grow in his love for Jesus to obey his purposes in our generation.


  1. Michael C.

    Great topic Phil. I felt the need to comment on this. You gave a pretty good description of being "drunk" in the Spirit. I only wanted to respond to the section in your intro where you talk about your two types of friends. The one thing that I love about the Christianity is "totally" surrendering to God. I find it interesting that we group Christianity into two categories….conservatives and radicals.

    I somewhat get upset with conservative Christians. How can you justify screaming and shouting for your favorite sports team, but you can't celebrate that same way with God? If you haven't seen a relative or friend in years, you run up to them jumping and screaming with joy, "I've missed you". Can we not act that same way with God? When you go through so much hell during the week, you look forward to that bond with those that are like minded. That praise is needed; that worship is desired! I start to think about the upper room in Acts when they were all on one accord. The bible talks about where there are two or three gathered in my name, I am in the midst. When you are celebrating with your brothers and sisters in Christ, his Spirit is intensified. The bible describes it as a mighty rushing wind. However, it reminds me of the wave at a sports event. It's contagious! Once it starts on one end, you can feel it move through you and see it hit the person next to you.

    Now, I'm going to describe what it feels to be "drunk" with the Holy Ghost. I remember the first time I spoke in tongues. I had been praying and seeking God for the Holy Ghost. I was 8 years old. I didn't know what it really was. The preacher just told me that I needed to have it. So, I wanted it. I watched week after week as others had been given this gift. I would go up to pray on the altar, crying with tears in my eyes and lifting my hands up to God, begging for the Holy Ghost. One night, my brother and I kneeled at the altar. The pastor's wife was praying for the both of us and before I knew it, I heard my brother speaking in tongues. All of a sudden, I felt a fire in the pit of my stomach. To this day, it still feels like a volcano ready to erupt.

    I'm going to pause right here and say this is where surrendering takes place. I could have rejected the feeling in the pit of my stomach because it was foreign and new to me. Or, let God take control. I still think about this today because at times I still fight his will. If you are a conservative Christian reading this, I dare you to let go! And watch what God will begin to do in your life. David danced himself nearly naked before the Lord. He didn't care who was around, who saw him, or what people would think of him afterwards. When you began to taste this new wine, nobody around you matters. You are directly tapped into God. This massive praise begins to build in the core of your body has to escape. My lips began to quiver and I could not control what happened next. I could not stop my mouth from moving, nor what came out. I felt no worry; no care. The more I tried to speak in English to thank God, something else kept coming out. I want to tell everyone about this joy and just felt the need to jump up and down with excitement and shout. I did this before the Lord. I was rooting for Team Jesus!

    Now, if you were an innocent bystander, you would say, "What the hell has he been drinking!" Who really acts that way unless they're drunk or on drugs. Or maybe he's just crazy! This is what an onlooker would think. These same people described in the bible.

    All I can say is to SURRENDER to God. It was so easy to surrender when I was 8 years old. I didn't know any better and was simple minded. That's why God likes for us to come to him as a child. We as adults, think too much and try to analyze the situation. The Holy Ghost is a gift that everyone can have. Ask and ye shall receive. The evidence of the Holy Ghost is this new language. Once you obtain that, you'll know the meaning of "Holy Ghost" drunk. And after you come down from that, you get high with some Holy Ghost peace. You feel like you can conquer the world and nothing can phase you! I dare you to ask God for it and truly seek him!

    1. phillipchan1

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I was just thinking about how I wish I had put something about \”surrendering to God\” as part of my article and you nailed it. Surrendering to a God is very important in the experience of encountering his presence in a powerful way and I\’m glad that you experienced God in that way.

      However, I will caution against pitting people who experience the Spirit in this way against \”conservative\” Christians because that\’s such a broad category. I have some very godly conservative friends who would disagree with me and I think it\’s completely legitimate. We all learn from each other.

      1. Darlene Light Smith

        I don't think it's legitimate….I think they don't understand because they have not been there and completely surrendered to God….They think it is strange so they will never experience it feeling this way…..

        1. Samantha

          I have been there. Out in the Holy spirit…joy…yet in my inner room with God. Not to make a scene and distract other believers and to place a stumbling blick in thier way.
          Gods spirit CAN NEVER BE COMPARED TO BIENG DRUNK…as you stated for obvious reasons yourself…

          I have even levitated in my sleep through power of Gods HOLY set apart unique spirit. So i am not boxed in my thinking. But truely know to ” we are to test every spirit”

          1. Deb

            But there is even scripture to compare being filled with the spirit as being drunk. The enemy cannot create, only pervert what God has created or ordained. Natural intoxication is just a perversion of what God has for us through the overflowing of the Holy Spirit. It’s the beautiful power and overwhelming presence of God through the Holy Spirit – overflowing in us! How can our bodies not react in what may appear to others as strange?! I have been naturally drunk and ‘drunk’ under the power and presence of God. Nothing can compare to His presence!

      2. simon

        Great article man! There will always be people who don’t understand some of the ways that the holy spirit manifests in and around us. I don’t even know the beginning of it, the more I experience God the more I realize that this wine barrel has no end! But like I said people will not always agree with the gospel, and I don’t blame them(Romans 14), because some or most of the ones who cry blasphemy have had a bad experience with spiritual drunkards or heard all the strange stories that does not seem natural to them (though we serve a supernatural God) got scared, freaked out and closed the subject on their hearts. Or maybe they’ve never experienced it when they tried to. But its not about trying< its about faith, faith in what Jesus has done for us, making us one with our father, we are already seated in heaven…there is no separation. Religion has captured so many minds on this subject, and it brakes my heart.
        But I believe that one encounter with our glorious juicy heavenly father can blow their minds out of the water.

    2. Darlene Light Smith

      Enjoyed your message greatly…….You know…..Satan always tries to imitate God so he tells people to feel good they should be intoxicated with alcohol……But God has a better way to make us intoxicated and feel great……..when God touches us ….who wouldn't act drunk….we can only take so much of his spirit as a human…..His spirit does good things to our spirit…. Being drunk in the spirit is the greatest high we can ever know and come down with no hang-over…..I'm all for it……Praise to you our King……Let the world laugh….they don't know what they are missing……
      Darlene Light Smith

      1. Diana

        You couldnt say it better Darlene.!! Thank you for expressing so well my very thoughts…

    3. Riley

      I have surrendered my life to Christ and received the Holy Spirit. But never have I spoken in tongues or been “drunk” on the Holy Spirit. These are NOT things that you necessarily receive when you give your life to Jesus.

      1. Charles

        Just as in Acts people were baptized after accepting Christ but did not know of the Holy Spirit and were then baptized in the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues.
        I was raised Baptist and was taught that the HS was essentially your conscience.
        I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in a hotel room by myself. I was in a place of no control over a life situation at the end of myself.
        My conscience had no way to set me free but the HS came and knocked me out. I woke and laughed for hours.
        I think that I get high in the spirit as well as drunk. Drunk the is a lot of staggering high is just pure joy and laughter both stem from knowledge from the Holy Spirit that God is in control and everything will be alright.

        1. Donna Fournier

          I got filled w/ the Holy Ghost on March 13th, 1983 and to this day, I still speak in tongues as the Spirit gives me the utterance. It is a gift. A Precious gift. During a church service, a song we sung was, How great Thou Art. Many stood in worship to God, including myself. Days went on when I realized the Lord had lifted me up in His presence of tremendous Peace. As I began to slowly come down I literally felt arrows whizzing past me but none of them penetrated me because of the Armor of God covering me. This testimony is to help anyone become a believer in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. God is real and He will be faithful to make Himself real to anyone of you.

      2. Scott Brown

        if you want , you can. Paul said he wished everyone spoke in tongues.

      3. Steve

        Hello Riley,

        There are a few things I rely on, and that is Gods Holy Scriptures/Spirit and the common sense he has instilled in me. Just remember, satan was in the Garden of Eden, was in the inner circle of Jesus’ apostles and more than likely, be an influencing force in many Christian churches, corrupting those in the most subtle of ways, using good people who think they’re going Gods work. (just like he was doing in Pauls day)

        satan roams around like a roaring lion looking for some one to devour, in other words, be careful in what you hear and believe from other people and answer yourself this question; is this from God or from satan.

        2 Timothy 3:16 – All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

        Allow scripture and the Holy spirit to guide you, not peoples perceptions, view points and opinions even if they feel it comes from God because if it doesn’t, then it can only come from another source( satan). and above all, endeavor to strive for a purposeful, meaningful and personal relationship with Jesus.

        all the best Riley!

    4. Samantha

      I have 1 problem with your article

      Everywhere you state “i think”
      Showing us its your opinion and not facts!!

  2. Becky

    Surrender, indeed. And I will add to that TRUST.

    First, about surrender: In my mind and experiences being high or drunk in the Spirit, I clearly have this moment where I can lean into it, or resist. He is a very polite God. He desires so badly to show us ultimate pleasure, but he lets us take our time and feel it out. However, Theresa of Avila talks about a place in the ecstasy of loving God where the Spirit completely controls and choices end, and I believe this is because you have said "yes" soooo many times leading to that moment. We've made our choice so completely, that it eventually becomes our only one.

    I believe this kind of control is what Ezekiel was walking in when the "Spirit of the Lord took hold of" him in Ez. 37:1. I believe being drunk in the Spirit, or getting high on any of the drugs of heaven is not just an add-on or a nice addendum to our faith. For me, it was a central need, and trickled into my entire way of life. I did everything in joy, peace, and laughter. When I'm drunk in the Spirit, I am in love with every person I see, and only see through that lens, which leads to care for them. Day to day choices for "righteousness" become easy when you drink some Jesus, because he is our righteousness!!

    Going through that holistic breaking of ANY and ALL type of human control allows God to do amazing things through us. Think Ezekiel 37. How did an entire army–once just bones–resurrect together as one? Before opportunity for obedience to God's command to speak to them prophetically, Ezekiel let the Spirit of the Lord take him away. Let's let him take us away!

    And in order to be taken away, we neeeeeeed TRUST.

    I once had an encounter that was too intensely powerful, that all I could describe it with was the word "terrible". It was a ferociously powerful love that paralyzed me during a time of worship. After a while of receiving revelation and glorifying God in intimacy, I began to feel the power increase and increase to a place that I'd never felt it. I started to freak out, and realized–hey, WAIT. I can't move! I am so nothing! I am a little chicken bone to be snapped! It reminded me of Isaiah 6, when the prophet says, "Woa is me… For I am a man of unclean lips, yet I have seen the living God", and then he says, "My destruction is certain." That's how I felt. It was like I totally realized God's bigness and my complete insignificance. God was way too strong. It felt like I had to die in this presence.

    THEN I thought, WAIT. What if… What if this is NOT God?!?!?! It's too powerful. It must be the enemy! God later spoke to my heart and caught that, saying, "Really Becky? You think the enemy is stronger than me?"
    That changed my entire life.

    He is the most powerful and generous God, yet is also gentle and loving, knowing how much we can take. The good news is that even though we are soooo frail and breakable, we can trust the God of this incredibly terrible, powerful, awesome power because he cares for us and loves us more than anyone could ever love us. This God is for our good, and never aims to harm us while we walk in him! It's when people had turned away repeatedly and were warned and warned and kept ignoring that the wrath of God fell on them, biblically speaking. He is not out to be mad at us, but he wants us to experience the treasure of our inheritance.

    One of the biggest things I hear is, "Well, I'm just not a very physical person. Maybe because you are, God speaks to you that way." Oh, come on. We alllllll seek physical pleasure on earth, whether its a cup of hot cocoa and a warm fire, or a bike ride to the top of a mountain. Why not ask to receive those kinds of experiences in an intimate place with God? You don't have to feel what I feel. You don't have to look how I look when I feel it. You don't have to say the words I say (i.e. "Woa!!!") and you don't even have to call these experiences what I call them. But you have feelings, and you have a physical self, and God wants to meet you in them.

    Let's forever drink of the "river of delights" as the Psalmist calls it, and get "wasted" on the perfection of Christ! Woa. Thanks SO much for writing this, Phil. I needed to see such a well-explained, thoughtful treatment of this subject so badly. This definitely needs to be more of a discussion, and not just something we put in an "i don't understand" category, in my opinion.

    1. phillipchan1

      Wow Becky thanks so much for sharing. I think your experiences are super valid and get me excited about encountering God in new ways.

      I like what you said about limiting ourselves by excusing that our experience with God cannot be like other physical sensations we experience on earth.

    2. Becky

      Wonderful! This is how I know Jesus too 🙂

    3. Roxy

      Hey Becky,

      I agree with some of what you’re saying (in regards to how powerful and big our God is and the healthy fear of Him that we should maintain) however the way that you describe a connection with God is seen to me as somewhat disrespectful. Being ‘high’ or ‘drunk’ in the Spirit or ‘taking the drugs of heaven’ is just such crude terminology that it does not sit right in my spirit.

      I’ve been at a church where they were right into this, but I found that there was a complete lack of the fear of God. There was only love, acceptance of everything and no sense of conviction which is a very dangerous place to be. I’m not against the Holy Spirit moving through people and I still go to another Pentecostal church but I think we have to be very careful when it comes to just letting all our sense go and letting down discernment.

      This isn’t aimed at you, it’s just that your post caught my eye, so don’t see this as an attack (I actually loved the part where you described the incredible power of God) but it’s mostly aimed at the churches that allow such disorder and go way too far with this ‘theory’. As that is all it is.

      There is no where in the bible where it describes people falling over, breaking down in laughter, and being out of control of their bodies except for those who were possessed. (I’m also not saying that you’re possessed) but I’ve read the whole bible a fair few times and I’ve read over the gospels many times and not once did Jesus lose himself under Gods power. If we are to take any example of the intimacy we should have with God it would be Jesus’ life. He went by himself to mountain tops to pray and he lived in communion with God, He did many miracles but you should see that most of his public miracles were for the benefit of those around and for their salvation. It had purpose. The purpose of being ‘drunk’ in the Spirit is only for ourselves and does not benefit a non Christian who is watching.

      (To the author – Phil)
      A lot of what this post says is assumed knowledge. You ‘assume’ that they must be doing more than speaking in unknown languages but that’s where it’s very dangerous ground to walk on because you are adding to scripture in saying that they ‘must have been laughing and falling over and acting drunk’ but really, you don’t KNOW that. I would be careful in what you assume.

      It actually says that they were ‘sitting’ so for one, they wouldn’t be stumbling around and it ONLY says that they started speaking in other tongues. Most of the people were amazed that they were praising God in their own language. There were only a few who mocked them saying, ‘they’re drunk’.

      If Peter was ‘drunk’ and lost in the Spirit how could he then have gotten up and preached a legitimate sermon? There were also three thousand that were added to that church and note that the ‘fear of God’ was upon every soul. So there was purpose in what God did here, not just for selfish ambition or pleasure.

      As I said, I’m not against the Holy Spirit moving and I’m not going to pretend I know everything because I’m far from it, but I know that God is Holy, and we should first honour His name and know His greatness before we get so comfortable to start profaning the language spoken regarding His Spirit. He is very protective of His Spirit and I would tread lightly in our speech and associations with our interaction with him. It just doesn’t seem honouring.

  3. David

    I appreciate your honesty and your thorough explanation.

    I am a missionary in Guatemala, and I have not experienced things like this. However, God has opened so many doors lately towards this type of relationship with Him. I have prayed in tongues, but not the uncontrollable, pit of the stomach, can’t stop them tongues, it was more like the moans and utterances Paul talks about. I did, and sometime still do, this by my own choice. I feel like God meets me in that and g

  4. David

    I appreciate your honesty and your thorough explanation.

    I am a missionary in Guatemala, and I have not experienced things like this. However, God has opened so many doors lately towards this type of relationship with Him. I have prayed in tongues, but not the uncontrollable, pit of the stomach, can’t stop them tongues, it was more like the moans and utterances Paul talks about. I did, and sometime still do, this by my own choice. I feel like God meets me in that and gives me the majority of those unknown phrases.

    However, I want this experience. To be completely lost in God’s goodness, overwhelmed by His love for me. I don’t know how to reach this though, and I have tried quite a lot, begging Him through prayer and study of the Word to better understand it.

    I feel that if there’s one thing missing from this article (which is so well written and, I think Spirit led), it would be this:

    What if you can’t reach this? What if you’ve tried, and it’s not coming?

    I would love to further discuss this with you or anyone who has an experience similar.


    1. Darlene smith

      David I received the Holy Ghost and other tongues at age 9….later I woud get drunk in the spirit and I will say it is the greatest high you will ever know and come down with no hang-over…..You have to let the Holy Ghost take control of your whole body …..well like the world drinks alcohol and lets it take control of their body……You can't be conscious of who is watching….you must just let the spirit in and take over…..if you feel like laughing then laugh…if you feel like running ..then run….I'm seen my grandmother run around the church when I was a child…….you can't feel embarrassed in any way…..I receive this after I have been praising God for awhile…….I've laughed….cried and yelled with joy….but I kept praising God and his infilling kept coming….we can only take so much of God's touch with this human body…..

      1. margwick22

        While I agree that our awesome and sovereign Lord can and does truly engage us in any manner He desires, and given what His word tells us in 1 Cor 14 “(let all things be done decently and in order…”—“becoming manner, appropriate… the word used here”kata taxin” properly used is a military term , ascribing to the setting the order and regularity needed to govern a public service without excesses or distraction and confusion–we know where confusion comes from!)), and seeing also that one of the primary FRUITS of the Holy Spirit is Self Control, I find it is a radical distortion of His Word-going against what it says, to encourage running around, laughing out loud, etc in a setting where there may be unbelievers present. We are to always have the heart/soul of another (so as not to stumble –“All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful, but not all things build up. Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.” 1 Cor 10:23-24) before our own desires for fulfillment of pleasures. Just think how badly a baby christian or non-believer may be stumbled by such lack of self-control. Better to reserve these “worship” activities that are obvious contradictions to His word to your own private time with Him. And to reserve judgement “that THEY don’t understand to the Lord.- this attitude only causes division and strife. If a person is truly surrendered to the Lord, he or she will worship Him in Spirit and in truth without being a ridiculous distraction in public worship services AND will not judge his fellow brother or sister in Christ for not being one who is “intoxicated” (archaic use of the word means poisoned–in excess of a substace to the point of befuddlement and lack of self control). We all want more of His presence in our lives and worship, but it must be according to the instructions He has laid out for us–especially in a public setting. SOOO hard to focus on Him when another is acting like a crazy person nearby!!!! Its not at all considerate of your neighbor to allow such distracting displays of SELF (yes, pleasing self) seeking behavior,

        1. Phillip Chan

          Hi margwick22,
          You said “While I agree that our awesome and sovereign Lord can and does truly engage us in any manner He desires…”-I think the point I’m trying to make is… “what if God moves in us in such a way where we have no self-control (as illustrated by the first disciples and by Saul)? I think you’re right in that there’s a temptation to be seen or to be self seeking-but what if there isn’t such a hidden agenda and we are having an encounter with God? I think that’s the question I’m trying to ask.

          Also, I think “self-control” is pretty culturally specific. What’s “self-controlled” for you may be different than what is self-controlled for another person. While we don’t go out of our way to offend people (rom 14), at point should we not care about what people think and really just respond to the way God is moving in us?

        2. Paul

          I also hear what you are saying. I think perspective is the key in this. If we are at a sports event or a pool party or a birthday party then all of the points above also apply. I have seen many strange behaviors that no Christian would pull scripture out to discuss how un orderly that event was. You wouldn’t send your kid to his bedroom because he was jumping up and down on the trampoline blowing the kazooo. Yet
          when we see people in Church through our perspective expressing themselves in ways that don’t fit our filter we then pull out the scriptures to defend our point of view. Yet Church is not at any building it’s where we gather on a daily bases. The birthday party, the game, the store , our work, the “worship event” the bible study. They are all the body yet that is also a perspective that has changed over the years in my life. I no longer go to church or leave church or think that church is open or closed.

        3. Joshua

          This is the best biblically based answer on this thread. Thank you. The New Testament speaks of self-control in many, many places. Paul even uses it twice within a few sentences in his first letter to the Thessalonians (chapter 5). Not to mention the fruits of the spirit in Galations, which says nothing about being drunk in the spirit. This can be very distracting to believers and non-believers alike. I think my biggest problem is those that say everyone should experience this in their life otherwise they don’t encounter God or his love to the fullest. Really? So now everyone’s relationship with the trinity should look and manifest itself exactly the same? I don’t buy it. Not to mention the verse in Acts is taken highly out of context. Acts is a book of history and is narrative. That does not make it normative doctrine. Just because this happened to the disciples doesn’t mean it should be happening to us. Pentacost was an anomaly and needed to happen for the spreading of the gospel to people of different cultures and languages. Hence the different tongues they spoke. We don’t sit around and wait for another crucifixion do we? Nor should we expect an experience like Pentacost to happen to all believers, if any.

          1. Phillip Chan

            Hey Josh
            Great thoughts!

            Yes, I agree, not everyone’s experience of God should be like this. But my point is that, for those whose experience is, there is biblical and theological support for it.

            A little caveat on something you said:

            “That does not make it normative doctrine. Just because this happened to the disciples doesn’t mean it should be happening to us. Pentacost was an anomaly and needed to happen for the spreading of the gospel to people of different cultures and languages”

            I would disagree with that. I think as you read further on in Acts, this filling of Holy Spirit happens repeatedly in Acts, with the Jews shocked and surprised that the Gentiles would receive the Spirit of God in the same way that they received him. In general, the repeated pouring of God’s Spirit is applauded and necessary in Acts. The repeated nature of it seems to imply some sort of modeling. This is corroborated by how in Luke, Jesus wants his disciples to ‘wait for the gift the Father promised’ in order to complete his gospel-preaching mission. Are you suggesting that the same Spirit that empowered early disciples to spread the gospel is unnecessary for Christians in 21st century? And if he is necessary, then how can we hermeneutically separate the way the Spirit manifests in the first century, from how He should manifest today?

            To me, it’s difficult to separate. And I don’t find evidence from the text alone to suggest that the way the Spirit manifests of the first century differs from how he can manifest today.

          2. Riley

            Thank you! Everyone seems to be under the impression that you cannot be filled with the Spirit and be “sober,” if you will. My relationship with the Lord does not look like that and it frustrates me to be told that I am not filled with the Spirit.

        4. Angelle

          I agree 100%. I’ve been in the presence of God several times. I’ve felt Love, peace, joy! I’ve never had uncontrolled temors or laughter. There is nothing funny about being in the presence of God. There is a strong delusion going on in churches.

        5. Steve

          Well said,

          This article just highlights a persons assumption of what the scene looked like in their eyes because of the mockers remarks, therefore from their remark he writes the following:

          ”What an interesting way to describe the filling of the Holy Spirit, that the apostles were “drunk”. When you think of a group of people being drunk, even across different cultures, I think you can imagine the same scene–probably a boisterous, tipsy, and chaotic scene. I can imagine them falling over, being a little light headed, and laughing, intoxicated with the influence of the wine.”

          Therefore from this one passage ONLY!!, you and many others justify your drunken behaviour when praising and worshipping God(if only occasionally)

          as for your description;

          If at all true, why then doesn’t the bible describe it as you DID!!

          thoughts to ponder;

          1. maybe these mockers (unbelievers) were used by satan to influence the crowd in believing they were drunk so people wouldn’t listen them (to the truth of God) especially considering this was a great opportunity for God to spread the Word to other nations. Thanks to Peter rebuking them (using scripture) they weren’t able to disrupt Gods work that day.

          2. Why would God even want to have His people act in the same manner as people who are drunk, especially when its deemed sinful to act when actually drunk with wine, (plenty of scripture about drunkenness behaviour and what Gods thinks about it).

          3. has anyone here been drunk in the Spirit on their own, or is it that you have been honestly, only influenced by others in a church service/meeting.

          You, and all these people here that follow your viewpoint need to read 2 Timothy 3:16, Ephesians 6 and 1 John 4,

          Finally, be careful, for satan is in many churches mixing lies with truth.

    2. simon

      haha David I know its more than two years since your post, but let me give you my input.
      There should not be a trying to get drunk, just like faith you do not try and pray and fast and sweat to gain it …you trust.
      That’s what gets me jacked up… faith in the unity between me and God (0% separation) and I’m not saying you don’t have faith in that. But its through faith we see the manifestations of God (even without) …. faith in his intoxicating presence and goodness>joy and peace. When the reality of Gods presence hits you, you hit the floor. Faith opens a door for God to move through, and the holy spirit moves in various ways …the fruit of the spirit for example. Being friendly, a good neighbor, a good husband or father ,righteousness ,Loving one another …these are the manifestations of the holy spirit in our spirit as we learn to see ourselves in Gods word, behold like on to a mirror.
      but in order for us to see it happen we need faith.. ”blessed or those who believes yet have not seen”.
      I know that verse might seem out of context , but miracles comes after faith not before.

    3. simon

      haha David i know its been over two years but let me give yo

  5. Krystal

    Loved this article. So informative and simply put. I have only experienced being drunk in the spirit twice. It’s something I desire and will start asking God for. But seeing the biblical reasoning behind it and examples of it happening gave me an entire new prayer and desire for Gods manifested power and touch.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Adrienne

    I really appreciate your humility in approaching this controversial subject. Christians shouldn't be divided and hating on each other just because we might think differently in matters like these. Like you said we all have things to learn from each other. I consider myself both a person who is open to the Holy Spirit and careful about not letting myself be swept away by any "wind of teaching" that blows my way. I have been filled with the joy of the Lord several times during worship or prayer, in my room or in church, and it feels amazing. It varies from sometimes simply smiling and other times rolling on floor laughing. I understand why some people might get offended by this, but at the same time I believe that we shouldn't limit God. God created laughter. He created joy and why wouldn't He want us to experience the most intense joy we could in His presence? It's where we are made to be! However, I do understand that laughter during a service does not always indicate the Holy Spirit moving. I believe this is where discernment and testing the spirits steps in. Some people might be laughing in a tone of mockery and it may be caused by demons too. Other may laugh defiantly. And yet others may laugh and interrupt something else that God is trying to do, like preaching the Word for example. There is a time for everything and there should be order in a church. Others may fake it or just want to call attention to themselves. I believe many people are afraid of this phenomenon because of these possibilities. The Bible also instructs us to weep with who is weeping and laugh with who is laughing. If there is someone who is being emotionally healed by the Lord and is weeping and someone next to the person is laughing at him or her, this should also be alarming. Another thing that comes to mind is that I think we should be careful with the language we use to refer to being "drunk in the Spirit". I've heard people refer to it with specific alcohol brands or drugs and use stoner language and that sickens me. I think that a huge part of the criticism Christians who experience it receive is because of this. I'm not entirely against using the words "drunk in the Holy Spirit" but when speaking with more conservative brothers and sisters I prefer to simply call it "being filled with joy in God's presence" and things like that. Thank you for writing this the way you did! God bless! 🙂

    1. Darlene Light Smith

      Hello Adrienne….I loved you message on this topic…..I like to use the word drunk in the spirit……Satan copies God in everything but to our destruction…..Satan wants people to get drunk in the spirit with alcohol and God uses another means of making us feel totally out of it with joy and his touch…I believe God enjoys touching his creatures and seeing them get blessed and joyous……..He probably laughs. and is so happy to bless us……I have been drunk with God's spirit and I love the feeling……I felt like I was in another universe and I really was….where God is…..

  7. Damon Danner

    Listen to John Crowder's teachings on Youtube.

  8. Max

    Great article. I witness this many times at my church but have yet to experience it full on. I know it's my mind stopping me. When I see my wife experience it I know it's real because I know my wife but yet I don't allow myself to experience. It is a Trust issue. I need to escape my mind and allow it to happen. I also need to shed the guilt of not experiencing iit.

  9. Lynn

    the definition of drunk is,dominated by an intense feeling.
    2 Peter 1:5-8
    New International Version (NIV)
    5 For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; 6 and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; 7 and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. 8 For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Titus 3:4-6
    New International Version (NIV)
    4 But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, 5 he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 6 whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior,
    John 14:16-17
    New International Version (NIV)
    16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be[a] in you.

    When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are saved and the Holy Spirit lives in us. We start out on milk according the God's word as baby Christians and are called to mature to solid food. Jesus has already done all there is to do. We just have to continue to surrender to Him, study and learn His Word and mature in the Lord. The Holy Spirit lives in us guiding us in all we do. He shows us things all the time and we can choose to listen or turn our heads away and do our own thing. Listening makes me feel closer to Him but He is always there regardless of how I feel.Feelings can be deceptive .I have seen people lying on the floor writhing uncontrollably or laughing out of control and claim it was the Holy Spirit but I did not see fruit from it and I saw unbelievers leave in fear of it. It seemed more self edifying. I know the joy of the Lord. The joy of the Lord and the hope in Christ is my strength every day. I get very excited about what God does in my life and others.
    What does getting drunk with the Spirit mean? What is actually happening? God's Word says the Spirit abides in believers so He is always there. Does getting drunk in the Spirit bring unbelievers to Christ or scare them away?

    1. Tim

      Beautifully written Lynn!

    2. Riley

      Perfectly said! I agree.

  10. Matthieu Picard

    Wow, awesome topic! Bless you man! I recently went to a conference (yesterday) with some people from Bethel and saw many amazing works of the Holy Spirit. I did not get drunk to myself but I helped a really young kid to his car while his mom helped someone else. It was beautiful but he could've gotten hurt if someone hadn't helped him up. I was a little curiose about that and this really cleared things up. God bless and please pray for central Indiana! -Matthieu

  11. Darlene Smith

    I have been drunk in the spirit and it's the greatest high you will ever know and you come down without a hang-over…….It carries you to another planet I always said…..
    Darlene Light Smith

  12. Stephanie Sanchez

    Dear Phillip,

    I have been FILLED with the Spirit multiple times, and greatly enjoy His presence. However, although I can relate to some of what you described above, during your experience, no where in the Bible do I see references to being "drunk" in the Spirit.

    You may not be aware of the latest trend, but many believers have been deceived into believing that they can now become "high" in the spirit… and have actually even gone as far as to imitate pulling a joint out of their pocket and smoking it.

    I've lived in the world and have experienced both drunkenness and being high, and I can honestly say that being filled with the Spirit in no way compares to either. The filling of the Holy Spirit is pure and, although the Lord releases much freedom in that, I am still "sober-minded". Some of those that I have seen being and claiming to be "drunk" in the Spirit have been the complete opposite – not sober-minded, but rather careless, unstable in their ways, and seemingly ridiculous. One was so "drunk" that she couldn't even lead the class she was supposed to be teaching prior to an outreach. Another, on a different occasion, disrupted a missionary as he shared his experience that was clearly life giving and encouraging, so that all could hear her squawk. And they blame these "experiences" on the Holy Spirit? No where with any great move of God or in any testimony of reformers have I come across such a mess permitted, and then even excused, by blaming the Holy Spirit. Even in the Azuza Street Revival men and women were stopped and told it was the "flesh" when they acted in such a way.

    Bethel Church in Redding does experience many healings, some of which I have received, however I don't believe that it's due to those that are walking around and uncontrollably acting drunk, or due to those laying on the ground with a rolled up piece of paper shoved in their mouth pretending to get high. There are still many sober-minded believers there that have stayed the course and have continued to seek the face of God rather than an experience, and with that they receive the true filling of the Holy Spirit. During our time there, it was practically impossible to interact with, let alone receive prayer from, the few that were so-called "drunk", but thankfully there were still many that could walk in the "filling" of the Holy Spirit that were able to function though.

    In short, Paul says to be filled with the Spirit and not to quench the Spirit. In other words, we should remain filled at all times. If this is how he understood the "filling" and how he acted then he would not have been able to preach with such clarity and authority, let alone stand on his own two feet. If you want to be the mighty man of God that the Lord had called you to be, to preach and to teach to the nations, as He has said, than it's time to stand firmly on the Word of God. I caution clinging to experience and would encourage you to guard yourself. The days are getting closer and with that comes more and more deception. You have a responsibility to be a witness to the love and power of God and you can't do that in an "imbalanced" state of being.

    Be filled with the Spirit, but be sober-minded.

    With love in Christ,

    1. phillipchan1

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for the very thoughtful words. I think you\’re hitting on something very right, which has, in the past, caused hesitation in me as well. On one hand, I can see why people pretend to roll up a joint and \”smoke the Spirit\” so to speak-it\’s cool that people see that the presence of God replaces and exceeds any other sensation we experience and I think he is glorified in that. However (a big however!), there needs to be, with that, a large respect for the holiness and greatness of God. We can analogize the experience of God with everyday interactions (e.g. smoking pot) that we may know who he is, but we should not diminish the greatness of God by making him like our ordinary objects. Analogizing and making him like those things, I believe, are different things.

      So I\’m thankful for you raising that up. I pray that our being filled with his presence would be governed by a greater knowledge of who he is.


    2. Riley

      Well said! If this drunkenness is only to promote self-satisfaction, what purpose does it serve in furthering the Kingdom?

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    […] meaningful that I truly believe the Body of Christ needs to hear. For instance, writing about Being Drunk in the Spirit in 2013 has been really cool and one of my favorite posts to stir discussion and to inform […]

  14. Johnnie Damron

    God bless you brother. I happen to have experienced God in many ways including tongues and the experience of standing before the throne. The latter is awe inspiring and usually filled with the wow I’m an insignificant bug sort of overpowerment. I have read of David and others being “drunk” in the spirit. I however have never experienced it. I minister to quite a few drug addicts here in my little corner of Deleware and often talk of being high of the spirit 24/7 to them. This is the peace beyond all human understanding of course I’m referring to. They can relate to the “high” on the spirit from where they are at. I would of course love for the Lord to fill me with the experience of being drunk in the spirit. To those who are worried because they haven’t received this particular gift I would say that there are many parts of the body and many gifts but no believer receives ALL the gifts. Do not being a foot be jealous of a mouth or an ear. I think one of the biggest things that separates and causes disunity in the body is the gifts. I’ve heard some pastors refer to tongues as Satanic and at other churches everyone practices tongues. It truly is sad that we cannot set our different personal understandings aside and focus on the greater understanding that IS CHRIST.

  15. Shavonne Davenport

    Thank you for your writing. Thanks to God for His many gifts and experiences. I, too have been drunk in the spirit and it is uncontrollable. I believe we are not here to control God and what He is for He is sovereign. For us to put ourselves and our experiences before the mighty had of God can cause us to miss such wonderful blessings as being drunk in the spirit.

    When I became drunk in the spirit, I was listening to a certain minister who has the “gift of laughter”. I did not believe there was such a gift until I realized that if joy comes from God, so does laughter for it is the medicine of life. The minister, Rodney Howard Browne had a regular service with a regular message. I really could not tell what the message was about for the spontaneous laughter of people everywhere! People were slain in the presence of God and they could not control themselves, just as Saul could not control himself. Certain things that they would not normally do like fall or not listen or get out of order were not only done but welcomed in Rodney’s service. He realizes that when the Holy Spirit takes over, it’s out of his hands.

    What was funny about the service was when people were uncontrollably laughing not only did he encourage them but he continued on with the service as if nothing was wrong or different because, nothing was wrong or different.

    I pray that anyone who summons the Holy Spirit for a dose of His cup, receives it. I think “drunk” is the enemy’s way of imitating a term and a feeling that God already had control over a long time ago.

    Thanks again. God bless all of you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  16. Xxx

    Isaiah 29:9-14
    Stop and wonder [at this prophecy, if you choose, whether you understand it or not; soon you will witness the actual event] and be confounded [reluctantly]! Blind yourselves [now, if you choose; take your pleasure] and then be blinded [at the actual occurrence]. They are drunk, but not from wine; they stagger, but not from strong drink [but from spiritual stupor].
    For the Lord has poured out on you the spirit of deep sleep. And He has closed your eyes, the prophets; and your heads, the seers, He has covered and muffled.
    And the vision of all this has become for you like the words of a book that is sealed. When men give it to one who can read, saying, Read this, I pray you, he says, I cannot, for it is sealed.
    And when the book is given to him who is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray you, he says, I cannot read.
    And the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from Me, and their fear and reverence for Me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition [without any thought as to the meaning],
    Therefore, behold! I will again do marvelous things with this people, marvelous and astonishing things; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discerning men will vanish or be hidden.

  17. Lolita

    Thank you for sharing and explaining this topic on spiritual drunkenness. It has been a desire of mine, even more so today than ever before, to experience this joyous encounter with our Lord. I had the chance to see this come about several years ago through a college group revival. I saw many experience an abundance of laughter, but it would be several years before I would see this happen again. The Lord is bringing this to my local church that I have been with for almost 10 years, and it has begun with my copastor. I was glad to read this article and get a deeper understanding, and I can’t wait for the day when I can live and experience this for myself. Blessings to you!

    1. phillipchan1

      that’s so cool lolita!

      1. Lolita

        As I read this tears ran down my face because of the simple revelation that there’s so much more of God I need to know and experience. It’s put a hunger to run deeper after Him!

  18. Marina Johnson

    Hi, I’m not religious or don’t follow any doctrines when it comes to God or religion but I do know what you are talking about. I have felt that drunk feeling on more than one occasion. My way of telling others about it is by using a metaphor like this: if you get every single drug and type of alcohol in the world, put it in a glass and drink it you won’t even come close to feeling it. The euphoria of the spirit cannot be imitated by anything man made. It is truly a heavenly experience that can only come from the Almighty and just when we think we have drunk our fill of his spirit, it keeps coming in wave, after wave after wave after wave of pure love.

  19. AM

    You are sadly deceived and misled, taking Scripture out of context entirely.

  20. Eileen Chua

    How u know the spirit is of God n what if is not of God? U can’t take scripture out of context n put to what u like. This is not the way to understand scriptures. Sadly n truly humans like sensation, confirmation, things that they can see or feel then they know is frm God but of all the cease then will u still know He is with you? Been there done that but God had reveal watch our heart do not be deceived. Let me tell u devil can do all this madifestation too…. Remember gifts is to edify the church not self exaltation. Pls test every fruits go n check their background pray God to reveal.

    Luke 14:11 For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

    Not criticsize but to share….

  21. Krish

    I am not the native English speaker but I will try to share my experiences.

    God created man and women to be able to laugh . When I surrendered to God. I pray to the Father, In the name of Jesus Christ to request the fullness of the Holy Spirit in me. There are various manifestations of the Holy Spirit
    My prayer is very simple just saying,

    “Dear Heavenly Father, I surrender all of my life to you, you are the only one true God who loves me please fill me with the Holy Spirit, the rain of The Holy Spirit , the rivers of love, the breathe of wind, the anointed oil, the holy wine of joy and the Fire to purify me, I pray in Jesus name Amen.”

    I am a christian for 29 years since my last year in university and being the member of the church that had no experiences in God’s supernatural. Only strength in my christian life is that to read and study 4 rounds of each 66 books of The Bible. One day, a beloved Christian friend who I know him for 30 years since we are young man, invite me to the church that teaching and experiencing the Holy Spirit filled life. I know that the faith happen by listening and understand the word of God so I start to listened to the teaching of God’s supernatural, I study many scriptures and do my research about God’s supernatural and Holy Spirit filled life and then I start to pray to God, just asked by faith and yield to him. Now I have a lot of experiences and would like to share that laughing and getting drunk in the Holy Spirit is real. Not the fake or pretending act.

    My wife and my daughter who never drink alcohol for the rest of their life also had these experiences in laughing and get drunk in the Holy Spirit. They do not laugh much at home but they fall down and laugh out loud at church for an hour.

    Our life will never be the same forever. The beginning of journey to God’s Supernatural, the touch of the Holy Spirit that give us the experiences of being overwhelmingly filled by HIM.

    From http://www.jackhayford.org/teaching/articles/symbols-of-the-holy-spirit/
    I take one or many symbol of the Holy Spirit each time at my personal time with God and when worshiping at church and invite Him to do that freshly in my life. Let Jesus minister the richness of the Holy Spirit to me. The Bible says it is Jesus who baptizes with the Holy Spirit (Mark 1:8), and He will:

    Pour rain on me
    Open rivers in me
    Breathe wind into my life
    Anoint me with oil
    Fill me with holy wine
    Refine and temper me with the FIRE

    All of these are “Unlimited”. I will ask for more and more.

    Father, give me more the rain of the Holy Spirit to to bring refreshing and restoration.
    Father, give me more the rivers of the Holy Spirit to make me an overflowing tributary of His Holy Spirit fullness, life, and love to others.
    Father, give me more the wind of the Holy Spirit to depicts His power and His guidance
    Father, give me anointed oil of the Holy Spirit to receive ability to rule my life, my family, my business, my education and all area of my life. You are the King of Kings and I am one of “Kings” that are under your command so I can command all area of my life to become as your will.
    Father, give me your fresh, holy, new wine. The best drink that give me the joy of your resurrection, the joy of your salvation, the joy of your forgiveness, the joy of your miracles, the joy of your victory against the devils. Ha Ha Ha.
    Father, give me the Fire of the Holy Spirit to work something deep into the substance of my lives that will shape things around me, to probe the inner recesses of my life and to refine me as gold or silver is refined in the fire; and to temper my personalities by causing there to be the penetration of fire into my system.

    The purifying fire burns out the Adversary. When the three Hebrew children were thrown into the furnace, not only were their lives spared, but also their clothes didn’t burn. But the ropes holding them in bondage burned. The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit being “a spirit of judgment and burning” (Isa. 4:4). Judgment has to do with deliverance, in the way the judges of Israel led people out of bondage. The Holy Spirit, coming like fire, burns away any binding grip that the Enemy has imposed on us

    We can control it ,and most of the time, we stay sober, in order and calm because we only receive when we ask. Most of the church that feel the “thickness” of the present of the Holy Spirit while they are worshiping God, will let the Holy Spirit take control will allow the time for the Holy Spirit to move his people so they will have very flexible worship schedule. The pastor will explain to the visitor to make sure they understand this phenomenon.

    And believe me, every Sunday, the church will fill with many new visitors that walk from their seat to receive Jesus Christ after the preaching. There are many churches that teach and move with God’s supernatural, the Holy Spirit filled life, increase the members from 100 to 500 in few years. My church is one of this. We are going to 1,000 members soon and we have to find new place to accommodate.

    Glory to God, the Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
    Forever and ever

  22. Krish

    Please be noted: All of the post I had made above is because God is L O V E


  23. Danny

    The Holy Ghost is not to be mocked !!!
    Repent !!!

  24. Kelly

    But I still don’t see where it says to be DRUNK in the Holy Spirit. It says to be filled. But to be drunk is a sin. God never talks about drunkeness as something positive.

    1. Phillip Chan

      good point.

      i think to be “drunk in the Holy Spirit” is indeed a extra-biblical term. but i think that Acts models the drunken aspect while ephesians commands the “to be full” aspect, hence why i think people (rightly) use it.

  25. Kaitlin

    Love this post–this is totally a real thing and I’m surprised how little people talk about it. I grew up in a Pentecostal church, and they talked frequently about spiritual gifts but spoke surprisingly little about the “drunk in the Spirit” idea.

    From the time I was a teen, reading the Bible and praying would often give me a “drunk in the Spirit” experience. I grew to expect it to be “normal” Christianity and couldn’t believe people didn’t talk about it.

    Maybe everyone has different experiences of Christ? I don’t know why the “drunk in the Spirit” thing isn’t quite universal among Christians. I wouldn’t want to say others are “unspiritual.” I’m absolutely not perfect. I think it’s also possible to spend time with God for the wrong reasons, perhaps. When I was in high school, I’ll admit, I thought of the “drunk in the Spirit” thing as a drug alternative. Not that I didn’t think of the Godhead as Persons, but I’ll admit that being “drunk in the Spirit” was a pretty strong motivator for being Christian–definitely stronger than staying out of hell.

  26. simon

    Great article man! There will always be people who don’t understand some of the ways that the holy spirit manifests in and around us. I don’t even know the beginning of it, the more I experience God the more I realize that this wine barrel has no end! But like I said people will not always agree with the gospel, and I don’t blame them(Romans 14), because some or most of the ones who cry blasphemy have had a bad experience with spiritual drunkards or heard all the strange stories that does not seem natural to them (though we serve a supernatural God) got scared, freaked out and closed the subject on their hearts. Or maybe they’ve never experienced it when they tried to. But its not about trying< its about faith, faith in what Jesus has done for us, making us one with our father, we are already seated in heaven…there is no separation. Religion has captured so many minds on this subject, and it brakes my heart.
    But I believe that one encounter with our glorious juicy heavenly father can blow their minds out of the water.

  27. Rodney Howard-Browne And The Mockery Of The Holy Laughter Heresy |

    […] The point of being drunk is connected with experiencing God. Yes, I am making a point that being drunk on the Spirit should yield great results. But I think the important thing, which I think most people who oppose it don’t quite get is that, encountering God is an ends in itself. When we’re drunk in the Spirit, we are literally filled with God’s presence, for all his joy, his mystery, his power, and it is an amazing feeling and experience. source […]

  28. Anonymous

    You say that it’s an end in itself..
    That’s only considering IF the spirit your are of IS the Spirit of God
    This is the Spirit that wrote the scriptures and would lead people to display sobriety clarity and peace and grow in the things of God

  29. Christine

    See it from a biblical standpoint which is lacking in your post. Nowhere in scripture do those who were FILLED with Holy Spirit say they felt drunk. This is what the people in the street said, not because they were falling, or laughing. Scripture states they were speaking in different languages. I can imagine seeing my friend who I know speaks english and now they are talking in Swahili. may seem like drunken babbling. But since scripture does not state either way, you have to weigh it on what else the scriptures do say. 1 Peter 1:13 Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ 1 Peter 5:8 (NASB) Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

    Can you give me one scripture where God says to be drunk in the spirit. You see young man the only truth you have is the Holy Word of God. Yes the word says to be filled with the Spirit, the purpose is not so you can act the fool, it is for going into the world and preach the good new of Jesus Christ. Since I have been there (now repented) I will give you a warning. Prov. 14:12 There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

  30. Dianna Capato

    My comment through experience, We are not “drunk” in the Holy Spirit but “Filled”with the Holy Spirit. Using the term drunk in not a word that best describes the indwelling and filling of His presence in our spirit man. Many can be mislead and turn away from by our willingness to adapt a modern/ancient term drunk to describe the indwelling manifestation of the presence of a Holy God and the indwelling filling of the Holy Spirit. Why would be want to be like the world and lessen the God of all creation with the term drunk! What do non believers think when they hear us say this? Does it matter? Does it create unity in the body? can it stumble and even grieve the Holt Spirit because we completely missed it,,,I love the indwelling of the Holy Spirit! I love the presence of the LORD, I love the manifest gifts of the spirit, and I love entering into that secret place dwelling, His glory, this is for our benefit, to be strengthened, empowered and enabled to continue the course stand firm and do the work of the LORD, it’s not a party to become wacky in our flesh with sensationalism we are to be in the image of Jesus, reflecting him and honoring him and one another mindful of one another. If your eye causes you or someone else to stumble pluck it out…so to speak, We need the indwelling power of the His Holy Spirit to live out victorious lives, we will all be tested. Humility, repentance, virtue, and holiness, are His qualities, to be set apart. God is not in the box so soaring with him is glorious, but what I see happening are people seeking an experience and misrepresenting the Holy Spirit.We are to taste and see that the LORD is good, for spiritual equipping, healing deliverance, and relationship ( with him) to know Him.

  31. Ed

    You stated your reason, but first off an evil spirit came upon Saul from the Lord when he prophesied in 1 Sam 19:9, and Eph 5:18 said do not be drunk with wine where there is excess, but be filled with Spirit. Why? 1 Peter 5:8
    8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. The Spirit is the word according to John 6:63. Isaiah 28:7, But they also have erred through wine, and through strong drink are out of the way; the priest and the prophet have erred through strong drink, they are swallowed up of wine, they are out of the way through strong drink; they err in vision, they stumble in judgment. Isaiah 29:9, Stay yourselves, and wonder; cry ye out, and cry: they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink. Maybe being drunk is not what you thought it was.

  32. Gabriel

    Hi Phillip, thank you for sharing this. It’s great that you have been able to feel it more than once. Can you please give me tips on how do you accomplish that? I would really like to feel that way more often and iI think it would really strengthen my faith.

    I have experienced this only one time, about 4 years ago, but it was absolutely amazing. I would love to feel that way again, so my faith is renewed and I can learn what is my real mission in life.

    I remember I was in an intense prayer and gave God total control of my life. I trusted him and it felt awesome. First the Holy Spirit made me cry and then I laughed uncontrollably. I felt complete joy and peace. God revealed to me that if I trust him, everything will be great, so I don’t need to be afraid or worried about the future, or anything else. I understand that doesn’t mean I won’t have problems, but I will be able to overcome and to solve them if I have faith and trust in the All Mighty God because He is with us.

    I read in another blog that part of what happened to me is called Holy Laughter and people who experience it have understood this kind of laughter is a way of trusting in the power of God in our lives; as well as his eternal and never-ending love for us.

    I met my father when I was almost 30 years old. I believe that meeting him has been a miracle, because I asked God for that to happen for many years and it happened.

    However it has been difficult to build a relationship with someone I really don’t know and who doesn’t know me either. Besides that, he is a 7th Day Adventist, he is married and has 2 other children. This has made connecting with him even more difficult.

    My heart was hardened against my father, because I felt abandoned. When the Holy Spirit touched me, He instructed me to forgive my dad, so right after I stopped laughing and crying I called my father and told him I forgave him for being away from my life for so long. I also asked for his forgiveness, because I hurt him too the following months after our long-waited reunion.

    I feel sad because my relationship with my father is complicated again. He has hurt me again and I hurt him too. I want to forgive him and want his forgiveness. I wrote him an e-mail and sent him a text, but he’s not answering. I will call him and hope his heart is not hardened.


    1. Jan Deaver

      dear brother my heart is grieved I will to share this with you in the love of our Lord Jesus…. Nowhere in the word does it say we are DRUNK in the Spirit On pentacost when they were filled with the Holy Spirit some said they were drunk and Peter said No they were not ….. to refer to the filling of the Spirit as being drunk in the Spirit is to me and insult to the Holy Ghost and our Godl…. the Bible says we are FILLED with the Holy Spirit and with POWER… AND that he our COMFORTER would lead us into all ALL truth…. He is ever faithful…. He keeps us and convicts us of our sins and gives us gifts as in 1 Corinthians to be used for HIS SERVICE to HIS GLORY…. I PRAY you can receive this in your heart and know i meant no malice in anyway to share this with you …if you care to correspond my email is [email protected] GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALWAYS

  33. Kim Thomsen

    G’day Phillip, At 41 years old, God woke me up last year and has taken me on a wild ride since then. I have a completely weird question if you don’t mind, and found this webpage in curiosity. Last Monday morning, I was stressed for not being able to find something I needed for a job at work in a few minutes time and as I was walking between buildings outside, about 15metres of my walking was sideways. I was drunk walking but completely sober. I had no pain, never experienced vertigo or anything like that in my life, was a little worried at first that i was having some bad medical turn, but I had inner peace at the same time. I let the ‘world -thoughts of my job’ take over, and it took all my deepest concentration to get where I was going there for a moment. In your opinion, was this a phenomenon from the Lord? I almost feel like it was a test that I may have failed because i pressured myself to get back to earthly matters. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you so much.

  34. Shena

    This was a very interesting article to read. I will keep my response simple. I do not believe the word drunk should be associated with God’s Spirit at all. There is no need for it. Just because the Bible tells us that a man mentioned it in Acts still does not call for this negative word to be associated with the Spirit of God. Why is God’s Word never enough? This kind of thing leads way for people to mock our doctrine. We need nothing more then to stick to The Words in the Sacred Writ, which we all find it hard to explain some of what God said at times, but this is what happens when we decide to change the words. It’s the Spirit of God…It’s not drunkeness as Peter explained to the people. We don’t need to add, especially the word “drunk” ( does our Lord not warn us of being drunk?)…Filled with the Spirit is correct, nothing more is needed.

    1. Kendrick Reed

      1 Thessalonians 19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 o not despise prophecies, 21 but test everything; hold fast what is good. 22 Abstain from every form of evil.

      Scoffers said they were drunk in the spirit. Jesus said be filled the scriptures say to be filled. If you all the references of drunkenness in the Bible they are bad spirits.. God wants us to be filled with his spirit he never says be drunk in the spirit.

      Acts 2:1-13 – Pentecost

      “But others mocking said, ‘They are filled with new wine.’”—Scoffers said this not GOD but unbelievers

      Ephesians 5:18

      And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be >>filled<< with the Spirit.

  35. Kendrick Reed

    1 Thessalonians 19 Do not quench the Spirit. 20 o not despise prophecies, 21 but test everything; hold fast what is good. 22 Abstain from every form of evil.

    Scoffers said they were drunk in the spirit. Jesus said be filled the scriptures say to be filled. If you all the references of drunkenness in the Bible they are bad spirits.. God wants us to be filled with his spirit he never says be drunk in the spirit.

  36. Steve

    Anyone who agrees with this article which Phillip has posted must then agree with the experience not mentioned in Scripture which is the assumption here, being and acting drunk
    as quoted below:

    ”What an interesting way to describe the filling of the Holy Spirit, that the apostles were “drunk”. When you think of a group of people being drunk, even across different cultures, I think you can imagine the same scene–probably a boisterous, tipsy, and chaotic scene. I can imagine them falling over, being a little light headed, and laughing, intoxicated with the influence of the wine.

    The reason I think this is the case is because the accusation of being drunk doesn’t satisfy men simply standing there speaking in other human languages, because that’s quite a normal activity that happens (even though it was supernaturally given to them). This description given in Acts reveals a more chaotic scene as the influencing power of the Holy Spirit is on them.

    In short, I think the scene in Acts is one of men and women who are filled with the Spirit, and being drunk in His presence. This intoxicating presence leads them to speak in other languages declaring God’s praises, and leads to the possibility of other activities fit for the description of being drunk e.g. being tipsy, light-headed, falling over, laughing excessively.” END QUOTE

    Therefore, does Phillips article override what is actually mentioned in scripture?

    We are to have the mind of Christ- which I do not see anywhere acting in such a uncontrolled manner. it also raises the point that if your not acting in this way then are you filled with the Holy Spirit? can you not be filled with the Holy Spirit and normal – sober in mind etc.

    This verse is for you Phillip and all who follow your thinking and their own desires – Romans 16:17

  37. Mandy

    Awesome job! I loved this blog. I am a Roman catholic who attends a charismatic parish. While I have not been “drunk” in the spirit as you mentioned, (via fits of laughter), I have had experiences of my own that fall into the category. Usually after communion I am overpowered by tears of joy, and end up crying, or when returning to my seat, I kneel in prayer and can feel myself swaying, being swept by the power of the holy spirit.

  38. tamingtensionmassage

    I’m leaving a link bc copy & pasting Acts 2:13 needs to be read in full.

    I think there is a whole lot of humanism supposing for nothing biblical, and no cross references. Every example of drunkeness biblically is negative.

  39. Carla

    Fill me with the holy wine in Mark is Biblical…and I get it. I had this happen this weekend for the first time after a prayer line. Many of us felt drunk, lightheaded and extreme joy. I am glad God let this happen to us when in surrender to him making my faith stronger. It was amazing!!!

  40. Andreas

    I’m a holy spirit filled follower of Jesus, who speaks in tounges for many years.. And I love to experience the power of the Holy spirit, according to how the Word of God describes it.. But to use Act 2 as argumentation for “drunkeness in the spirit” is to twist the Word of God… No where do you see the Word of God talk positive about being drunk… Only the opposite..

    The Word of God warns us clearly that in the end time many will be deceived, by false teachers and false spirits… When you experience something that doesn’t have it’s solid foundation in the Word of God, use extreme caution and check it carefully.. The Word of God tells us to test everything.. With what?.. The Word of God.. This is the foundation for all truth and healthy faith..

    Try to google “drunkeness in the holy spirit”, you’ll find endless warnings against it, based on the Word of God….

  41. Rei

    Reason why I read this: I am starting to experience it, it just started minutes ago. I’ll receive all your prayers

  42. Joel Chua


    Joy looks like something. Just tickle a little child.

    Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Be sober, reserved, and control yourself from all others.

    Men don’t put in new wine in old wineskins, lest they break.
    The bigger the wineskin, the more wine it can carry.

    We can fill ourselves with the Word, and if we do what Jesus tells us to do,
    God can turn the Water of the Word into the Spirit Wine of Joy.
    He can take a little Oil of Gladness, and our obedience, to fill many hungry vessels.
    The more the merrier.

    Most men save the Best Wine for last when everyone has had too much to drink
    – but to those of you who have tasted the Best Wine early, God bless you.
    Some folks have a greater tolerance for spirit than others, and others get tipsy almost immediately.

    One can love God like David undignified, while the other can love their neighbor by being the designated driver.

    1. Amy

      Beautiful! Well said. I read the whole article and all the replies before yours. Then I was journaling about Jesus giving the best wine to drunk people at the wedding feast. Wondering how that fit in here. And now I see this. Thank you.

  43. Vivian Memba

    Amen. I am a witness of drunk in the Holy Spirit. If you let God do His will in your Life you will never be the same again. Until today I have been filled with the Holy Spirit that makes me fearless of what tomorrow have for me. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  44. Sandra Whitney

    I was raised Baptist and attended many other denominational churches that would be considered “conservative” most of my life. I LOVE Jesus and HIS word. I study it and chew it up and really want to know more and more about about Jesus. I am open to anything Jesus has to offer. I believe that the gifts mentioned in the bible are for today and should be operating in the church. In fact, if they are not it leaves the church weak. So this has led me to go on a journey myself with various ministers, preachers and teachings on the gifts. I believe God has 100% confirmed in me that He has gifted me with the Gift of Prophecy. So that leaves me either in a conservative church (most who don’t believe in this gifting) or going to a Charismatic church (which is a whole other culture believe me). So, last week I attended a Todd White School of Power and Love convention. He is awesome and I appreciate him and can relate to him and he is just all out for God and uses scripture after scripture when he speaks. There were a number of things I enjoyed. However, I walked in this convention saying…”I want ALL that God has for me” I walked out saying “I have absolutely no desire to be drunk in the spirit”. It is disruptive and silly and even IF it is of God as you claim, it was odd and frankly as I was trying to listen to many who were coming back with amazing healing testimonies…. I was distracted by the lady behind me rolling around on the floor laughing. I just don’t want to be that person. I LOVE the Lord and I experience HIS love in many many ways when I am praying, worshiping, studying talking with him etc. The scriptures used to support it does not convince me it’s just too far reaching to say because they called them “drunk” therefore they looked drunk. I think they just looked odd to them and in those days there was nothing else to explain it.

    I respect those that have had the experience and feel they really had an encounter with Jesus, however, I am cautious and not totally convinced.

    I went to lunch with 4 ladies at this conference that had all charismatic background. It felt like a “us vs them” mentality when I was asking about this “drunk in the spirit” experience. I felt pitied like I was needing to be enlightened and missing out. When I asked where biblically this is in the scriptures, none of them could explain as you did. They just knew it was from Jesus because they felt “Liquid Love”. That worried me a bit because there are many things that feel good that may not be from God. Satan is a good imitator and if that is the only explanation why I should try it, I would have to say I would be reckless in doing so without some sort of biblical understanding.

    I walked into the conference thinking… “wow, I think I should attend a Charismatic church” I walked out thinking “Boy, both Conservative and Charismatic churches have some work to do” The four women at lunch seemed enamored with the latest books and techniques from people like T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copland and many many others. They talked about having “spiritual fathers” and “spiritual brothers” who regularly speak into their lives advising them on what they should do and not do. One asked who was going to “read the waitresses mail” a term I had never heard. I felt like an outsider.

    I am still trying to download all that I experienced at this conference with Jesus. I honestly feel in limbo and I’m sure Jesus has a plan for me and will direct me. But really felt there are problems in both churches and sad really that there is such a chasm. I have believed for a while now that because of God’s mercy there will probably be judgment on America in an effort to bring a huge harvest to HIS kingdom. We will see the separation of the wheat and the tares. The one thing that will stand through the fire is intimacy to Jesus and knowing HIS word. I believe there is still some weeding out that needs to happen. I believe this slain in spirit/drunk in spirit ( if of God) will be so secondary that it really won’t matter when we all get together. We will be seeking Jesus as one.

    This is not meant to criticize but to give an honest eye from a conservative christian seeking the truth.

  45. Michael

    Drunk in the spirit is demonic. I say this without doubt or concern. It is a Satanic counterfeit of the Holy Spirit for churches and people who have departed from the faith. Seeking to avoid persecution for Jesus sake and the Gospel’s, people have turned to this false manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Drunk in the spirit is not stated or taught in the Bible. Examine closely the scriptures that were referred to in the article according to their context. To build a doctrine around the statement “and others mocking said these men are full of new wine” is a colossal mistake. It reminds me of “yea hath God said?” in the garden. And again when Jesus asked his disciples, “whom do men say that I am?” There are many more examples of “the others” in the Bible. In all cases they got it wrong. The first came from Satan with the intent to deceive and the second from the crowd that was on the outside. When I read about Drunk in the spirit and saw examples of it on Youtube I wondered why? What is the purpose of this? (Satan does have a plan; remember the wiles of the Devil) I think these people, those of you who are involved in this and encouraging others to get involved, are being prepared to receive the Antichrist when he appears.

  46. Lakesha Lampkin

    I found this article today via Google when I searched “Uncontrollable laughter”. I keep thinking about a time about 7 years ago in church, when I had just come down from the choir stand after Praise & Worship and sat in my seat. We had a guest speaker that day and his sermon was “The Six Weapons of the Holy Spirit” or something to that effect. He went through his introduction then started the sermon by naming the 1st weapon, which was Praise and as soon as he said “P …” before the entire word “Praise” came out of the Pastor’s mouth it’s like something hit me in that moment and I began to laugh. I tried to hold it in, stop laughing but that just made it worse, making loud sounds like “PPPFFF” as I tried to hold it in. One of my fellow choir members held my hand and said, “Holy Spirit is working. Let Him do his thing. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks.” So, I let it be but didn’t want to be loud so I kind of was able to laugh quietly but my laughter lasted for the ENTIRE sermon. My fellow choir member held my hand the entire time, too. As soon as the sermon was over, my laughter stopped but I felt super relaxed (even drunk) and I kind of just sat there for a few minutes while everyone else was up fellowshipping at the end of service. It was quite an experience and I will never forget it. Whatever I had been worried about previously that morning, was no longer on my mind and I felt a such a peace come over me – I’ll never forget it.

  47. Amy J

    I was raised in the 4 Square church, but didn’t ‘experience’ being drunk on the short till I was about 21, what I realised about 3 years later was that that so-called drunkenness in the spirit is nothing endorsed in the bible, certainly not in Acts 2, and even if what they experienced was similar, and nothing at all indicates it was, there is no indication in the rest of the NT that it should be normative, anymore than a host of other one off or two off occurrences in the bible, of which there are many.

    What I did discover is, the so-called drunkenness in the spirit was identical to a kundalini awakening, I know this through studying what that is, and by accidentally having a kundalini awakening by practicing ‘soaking’. Also, being drunk/slain is very similar, actually identical to a hypnotic state and sleep paralysis. What I thought was good turned out to be one of the stages of sleep induced by a form of hypnosis during church. Intentional or not.

    None of those practices brought me closer to God, studying His word did. I always felt spiritually bankrupt and left wanting more after these experiences, and left with no real scriptural basis for them, at all. Having been stripped in occult practices as a teenager, In my 20’s, i began recognizing the similarities and began to see that these practices were not only biblically unsubstantiated, but highly dangerous, as you usually end up in an altered state of mind, not dissimilar to shrooms or acid trips. There is a reason many firmer druggies end up in pentacostal circles.

    There is zero Godly benefits to these practices, unless you are seeking an altered consciousness state without drugs. That is the only v reason to ever pursue such a practice.

    God Bless ~Amy

  48. jl

    First and foremost I do believe in speaking in tongues when the Holy Spirit allows you to not when it gets forced out of you. For it is said do not lay hands on a man hastily. with this article I will say that no rolling on the floor barking like dogs laughing uncontrollably is not biblical what the book of Acts was talking about when they’re all speaking in tongues in the Holy Spirit came upon them like flames of fire upon their heads and they’re all speaking different languages but could understand each other nowhere in there does it say there are rolling around the floor uncontrollably. Now from an audience of unbelievers watching this they obviously would think they were drunk because what do you think an unbeliever does when they see a group of people speaking in tongues in different languages all at once they would think they were crazy but it was the Holy Spirit but nowhere in there does it describe them rolling around on the floor laughing uncontrollably that is not holy . Satan comes as an angel of Light don’t you understand. He will bend the truth just a little bit just so the word would bend into disrupt your frame of mind to wear something holy he turns into something evil . there’s nowhere in Scripture that describes it the way you think and please don’t get offended I’m just trying to share the truth with you. And people are allowed to disagree but mind you if I were you I would fast and ask God as Jeremiah told the king if you want to ask God something ask him yourself truly seeking him out in his holy word and binding demonic presences around you that will try to deter you from hearing the truth. And one more point the Lord as he was in the form of a man was filled with the Holy Spirit he Anointed The Apostles when he was resurrected and breathed on them nowhere in that scenario did they fall over backwards and on their backs rolling around like animals on the floor laughing and moaning and barking like dogs just saying food for thought God bless all of you

  49. Alexandre aazzouz

    M chan you are wrong.
    When we say to someone he is drunk or what he doesnt need to looks like drunk he just needs to say things crazy for our point of view. Thats to explain acts.

    One Fruit of holy spirit is self control.
    When im filled my mind is balanced and I feel the river of live within me or a fire.

    Copeland hagin are demon possessed they have a python spirit.

    Saul was naked because the glory of god is an extreme fire fire. When the holy spirit fill you you might feel extrême warm.

    And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.

    According to your point of view I ask u What is the benefit to stop wine to be drunk with a spirit?

  50. Misty Caffey

    I came upon this article after I had an experience of my own. I have never had one like this before. I had been engaged in conversation with a gentleman about his young children and his influence on them. I then spoke to him about my path with my own children and how I wished I’d have had them more involved in the church while they were much younger. The conversation went on to include God’s path for each of us, then I commented on the critical role this gentleman will play in his daughter’s life. That he is molding her now for her future. That he will be the man that shows her what love is through God’s word, how to be loved through God’s word, and how to love others through God’s word. That what he does for her today will mold her self worth and value for the rest of her life. The gentleman was listening very intently, tears in his eyes, then walked away from me for about 5 minutes. He came back and changed the conversation. I know those words touched him deeply. I was leaving about 10 minutes later, and he told me “I’m going to go home tonight and hug my daughter. I learned something from you. ” On the way home, I felt a little woozy, and called a friend. We chatted about her circumstances, and I gave her Godly advice and as I spoke, I started feeling like I was drunk. Light headed, giggly, elated. Just off a bit. I ended the call, I came to my room and sat on my bed, and I literally felt so overwhelmingly joyful! I just started praising God, hands up, rocking on my bed, smiling uncontrollably , my body was warm, my hands were hot. I felt so weird! I truly felt drunk . I couldn’t remember the exact words I’d said to that guy when I tried to remember them last night, and I know God put the words on my lips that this man must have needed to hear in just that way. And I know God put the words on my lips for my friend. I truly felt drunk on the Holy Spirit! I didn’t know that was something people experienced, until I read some articles. It is just incredible! I have been on a diligent journey with the Lord for quite some time, and making I’m just starting to reach that point in my level of growth. God is good…ALL THE TIME! ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!

  51. Nitza

    Thank God, this type of drunkenness in Spirit never came upon me. God saved me from being deceived.

  52. Rafael Marquez

    Can a person that has an unforgiving heart & holds resentment towards another Christian, can he get drunk in the spirit, has been filled with Holy Spirit?

    1. PeaceWords

      No, it’s not possible. The Holy Spirit resides in clean hearts.

  53. Esteban

    Anyone reading this I just wanted to let you know I had a similar experience about a week ago. To be honest I have not followed Jesus the way I should of so with that said I ended up falling into drugs, and all the negative things that come along with that. I ended up in rehab for 5 days and realize the only way to truly get clean was with the help of God. I prayed as much as I could those days for God to help me see the light and give me courage to stay clean. The day I got out of rehab I ended up going to a prayer group where the invoke the holy spirit and everyone raises their hands so they can receive it. As soon as I starter lifting my hands and I started praying saying God I have Faith in you and in the church please let me have the holy spirit as I need you to show me the light. The combination of people praying, holy spirit music was being sang, and if course my own belief that I surrender to GOD for help started to give me this tingly feeling in my hands which then started to make me cry for all of the bad things I done, uncontrollably crying, sobbing, and praying asking him to give me the power to get rid of this addiction, as this was happening, there was a preacher talking out loud inviting the holy spirit to come in the need of people seeking it. The tingly feeling started getting stronger and it went from my hands down to my body my head, my legs and my soul, I could feel this warm, happy, tingly feeling thought my body and I knew it was the holy spirit because the only thing I have ever felt like that was by using drugs (closer to MDMA) the feeling was similar but this was a lot stronger, and connected more with my emotions, it made me ask for forgiveness in a way I have not been able to ask on my own as sometimes I would not know what GOD wants me to say but when this feeling was upon me I could clearly ask him to remove all of sins, and to forgive me for all the wrong I did, as this was happening everyone started praying louder and I assumed since they heard me cry uncontrollably they must of been praying for me asking GOD to help me. At this point the feeling was so strong that my feet felt week almost like when you fall asleep on your leg and get up and its barely able to stand so as I started to collapse someone that was behind me caught me before I fell and once this happened I felt such a peaceful moment that all the troubles I had were completely gone. This feeling was wonderful and it gave me a taste that you can get high without the use of drugs, that GOD no matter what loves you and wants you to open your heart and invite him in by surrendering yourself to him. This moment made me realize that the true happiness can only be achieved with the help of GOD and that is possible. I have been hungry of more ever since, reaching out to him daily to help me stay in the right path, and im actually enjoying church, prayer groups, NA groups, and anything that is good. For anyone out there struggling with the same situation just know that Jesus Loves you and the holy spirit is better than any drug out there all you have to do is seek him. GOD BLESS EVERYONE I’m hoping my future “moments” will be happy ones rather than crying/sad but regardless I’m looking forward to getting closer to GOD and hopefully this experience may help another person out there to seek Jesus rather than drugs. Thank you GOD for giving me this opportunity to get closer to you.

  54. Jett

    Thank u so much for posting this! I am becoming convinced that God has withheld no good thing from us… and that pure joy is available to us all. I’ve experienced holy laughter several times… and have experienced a high far greater than anything I experienced on this Earth through artificial means like alcohol drugs Etc. just being in the presence of the Lord himself. Keep the truth coming forth! I Think He loves to show off!

  55. PeaceWords

    God bless you Philip. God is still doing great wonders in the church.
    Just yesterday about 50 of us still experienced this in an inter-denominational outreach squad.
    We were crazy. I think that’s the best way to put it. It was amazing how Jesus filled the room with his Spirit, his power, his very presence distributing gifts to men, empowering us with the power to prayw. e were like drunks.

    Really, I think this is what the Church needs now, we need to put down tribalism, denominationalism, excessive rules and lunge out into the deep declaring that Jesus saves, Jesus delivers, Jesus has not changed and he is sisi interested in our lives.

    We have to come to the point has a Church where we leave our sofas and comfort zones and tell the world about Jesus.

    It is one thing to be filled and drink with the Spirit, it is another to go in search of souls which is the major reason why Jesus baptizes us with the Holy Ghost.

    1. PeaceWords

      God is not limited, all these happened in a local gathering in Nigeria.

      For everyone reading on this blog and is hungry and thirsty for the presence of God and the infilling with the Holy Ghost, I pray that Jesus will baptize you and your life Will never remain the same again.

  56. Evangelist Greg Hanley

    I have been on the Christian pathway for over 50 years and nothing surprises me, especially from Charismatic churches. Charles Spurgeon was right when he said to his students, ‘There is nothing new in theology except that which is false.’ I have no doubt in my mind that claiming to be drunk in the Holy Spirit is false, the source of such experiences is not the Holy Spirit but evil spirits. The Holy Spirit never glorifies Himself but exalts the Lord Jesus Christ. The Apostles were never leaders in excitement.

    Phil’s interpretation of Acts 2 and Ephesians 5 would not be supported by any Bible scholars.

    In my younger days I was influenced by the Charismatic people I met, but after listening to their teaching and watching how they lived, I soon realised they did not have a true Christian experience. I listened to false prophesies, and witnessed fake healing, but the saddest thing to witness was the way they split churches, not just in the UK but all over the world they have been divisive.

    I have also seen so much backsliding amongst them and worldliness, in fact one leader in this ‘drunk experience’ ministry, was in a pastorate some years ago. He was good friend of mine and we witnessed together in the open air, and general evangelism. I went to visit him in his first and only pastorate, he was having the church renovated with a huge grant from the local council, as he showed me around I was shocked to see there had been a bar installed. His excuse was that in order to get the grant, the church had to contribute to the community, and so a bar was fitted. Interestingly that church closed and the council had issues with the leaders, Eventually the church was burnt down. That man is now going to different parts of the world falling about and talking ‘drunken nonsense’ which he calls Bible teaching.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Charismatic Movement is part of the end time deception which is coming in the world before the Lord Jesus returns, those caught up in this movement are deceived and in great danger.

    Apart from the experience to the New Birth, a life transforming experience, the best thing that every happened in my Christian life was to see through Pentecostal\Charismatic error. I felt a wonderful release, the Word of God has been my only guide through life and the proclamation of the Gospel my mission in life.

    I would recommend Dr John MacArthur’s excellent book, ‘Strange Fire.’ Also, ‘Are miraculous Gifts for Today,’ Crudem and ‘The Real Baptism of the Holy Spirit.’ Dr Peter Masters

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