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  1. B.M.

    How would you respond to a person who has this to say about the aforementioned quote: "that's a pretty big, arrogant, "holier than thou" claim to make to say that The Holy Spirit isn't working in anybody's life at those churches…i'm not a big fan of mega churches myself…but wow"?

    1. phllip

      good point. we shouldn't say that the Holy Spirit doesn't work in the lives of those in megachurches. but this quote was meant to stir up a grievous spirit, in that, instead of all this stuff we have at church, we could've had genuine revival, we could've seen the sick healed, we could've seen the Word going forth with transformational power, we could've seen all the things that the church in the book of acts would call normal church instead of running church on human power/wisdom/money.

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