Because the Lord hated us he brought us out of the land of Egypt. – the people
You have seen how the Lord your God carried you, as a man carries his son… – Moses
Deut 1:27, 31

In Deut 1:26-33, in recounting the entrance in the land of Canaan, the people rebel. And the difference of responses between Moses and the people is pretty fascinating and convicting.

The people respond, “”Because the Lord hated us that he has brought us out of the land of Egypt.” Moses responds by saying, “The Lord will fight for have seen how the Lord your God carried, as a man carries his son, all the way that you went until you came to this place.’

What a difference of perspective!

I notice primarily the difference in the understanding of God’s love.

To the people, God hated them and so they disbelieved whether God will carry them further. To Moses, he wanted to convince the people of how God carried them like they do a son, and therefore he is worthy to be trusted.

The convicting thing about this passage is the connection between knowing God’s love and our ability to believe.

When we lack a revelation of God’s love, such as the people did, they operated in disbelief. When we have a revelation of God’s love, we our more apt to believe great things from God.

Love is the power for belief. And without a history of knowing God’s love for our lives, we will always make decisions of unbelief.

Unbelief is solved by a knowledge of his great affections. Belief is a choice we make out of love.