Here’s a story from my life.

I was about to play basketball at a league I usually play at this weekend. And I felt like God hinted to me that he’s going to give an opportunity for me to be a witness through the game somehow. I didn’t think much about it but just kept that somewhere in the back of my mind.

So we play the game, we play terrible, and we lose the game. I’m really upset and angry. But either way, I go out to eat with my fiance afterward nearby.

We sit down and about midway through our meal, I wouldn’t believe it, but a member from the opposing team who we just lost to sits down next to us at the same restaurant! What are the chances of that?

Besides the awkward exchange of talking with someone who just beat you, I never really clued in that this was the opportunity that the Holy Spirit prepared. I prayed a little bit, but I wasn’t expectant that this was the opportunity that God was hinting me about earler.

Right before he left, the Holy Spirit even dropped a word of knowledge to me about him. But man giving random words of knowledge is scary sometimes.

He said, “Hey we’re on a tight schedule, so we gotta run. See ya.”

Me: “Oh yah, see ya man.”

And then he was gone.

I was reflecting on the car ride back and realized that I missed an opportunity that the Holy Spirit was preparing for me to witness. You can’t orchestrate those kind of things, yet I missed it.

It feels… crummy to miss opportunities to witness for Jesus, especially when they’re ones that God drops on you.

What did I learn?

Hm… well I guess I just wanted to share with everybody a point of weakness I had.

Secondly, I learned that I have to be ready to share the gospel always. I always have to be tuned-in every single day for God moments, where He is opening the door to release his kingdom somewhere. Those are a golden ticket to a crazy and adventurous life of partnering with God for the growth of his kingdom…and I missed it tonight.