God has made each person for greatness.

In the heart of each person, God has planted a longing to be great and to do great. We see shadows of this in the world around us. We see famous people in their stardom; athletes basking in glory, or politicians making generational speeches and think that is the definition of greatness. Most of the world who has felt that longing has pursued those positions hoping to satiate their inner desire for significance.

But is an empty road. Those who have sought such pathways have sought it in vain because the pursuit of greatness has often neglected the answer to the question, “What is greatness? And who defines it?”

In contrast to the world’s understanding of greatness, I believe that only our God is qualified to judge what truly is great. For it is Him who had deposited that seed in the human heart. Therefore he alone offers the answer the pathway to satiate the desire for significance. And he does so more than any shadow of “greatness” our world conjures up.

In calling us to himself, he has saved us not just for eternal life, but for an invitation to participate in a divine narrative of God’s great redemptive plan unfolding throughout human history. Those who participate in it, therefore, are invited to work for fruit that truly lasts through eternity. Each of us has a unique role to play in it, and to play that role, therefore is the most significant thing we can do with our lives.

Yet we are awakened with a startling truth.

Not everyone who hears the call of God lives up to their full destiny. Littered throughout the Bible are those that fell short. Their lives started well yet for one reason or another but did not live up to their full potential. Their lives entered the annals of those who would simply serve as a warning to us: “don’t live like me.”

The gift of a life of greatness is exactly that–a gift and grace from God. But it requires perspective, response, and diligence on our part. To fully live the call that God has for us requires, as Paul encouraged, to discipline our bodies and to train to run like a marathon.

I am passionate about 1) helping people recognize the destiny of greatness that God has for them 2) giving them the mindset and practices to help seize that life in hopes that, at the end of their life, they would look back at their life and declare: “I was made for greatness.”

You were made for greatness. Let’s get you there.