Sometimes it’s a strange feeling to look at myself worshipping these days compared with how I used to worship God. It’s definitely changed to say the least! The most obvious differences I see are that

  1. I am more in love with God than I was before
  2. I know God more fully now than I did before and finally,
  3. I’m definitely a lot of expressive in my worship than before!

I sometimes scratch myself on the head and wonder why the third one is true. Why can I not help but be contagiously excited when I come before Jesus in worship? Why do I sway and clap and jump and dance in the presence of God’s people? Why am I becoming less and less concerned about what people think of me when I worship God?

I thought about these things and have come to this revelation:
It is when we are worshipping God that we are doing what we were always created to do. And it is no wonder, therefore, that those who worship God naturally bear the fruits of  freedom and childlikeness before the God who made them.

And so I rejoice! Knowing that the all time I’ve invested in worship and worship-leading, I have grown to become more like what God’s children should look like anyway. And what I will do for the Lord five years from now when I worship Him in His presence…who knows?!

I can only imagine and hope that it would reflect more of the greatness of God and not mine.

To Christ be the Glory. Amen.