Rhythms of Resilience: Faith practices to Thrive in Chaos

Build a chaos-proof faith in a crazy world.

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We live in chaotic times.

As Christians, we can easily become just as confused, angry, and overwhelmed as the rest of the world. 

How do we handle the increasing chaos in our personal lives and when things are crazy in the world at large?

Rhythms of Resilience explains how you can build a spiritual life that doesn’t just survive but thrives when the world is craziest. 

It teaches fifteen spiritual practices every believer needs in their toolbelt to combat the crazy. They are founded in the Bible, have been practiced by Christians for centuries, and adapted for our modern context.


Rhythms that all spiritual giants practice


Spiritual Counter-Chaos Practices Taught


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Excerpt from Rhythms of Resilience
"We must grow our roots so deep and wide that it doesn’t matter what happens in our lives—we can stay connected to God and be fruitful."
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Rhythms of Resilience