I visited another church today.

I just want to say that I’ve had four people who don’t know each other on four separate occasions for the past several weeks instruct me to come and visit this church. So I gave up and said, ‘Okay, Lord, I’m going to check it out!’

The church is called Epicentre Church. It’s a 10 minute drive there. Or a 20 minute bike ride…Or an hour walk.

And since, I don’t have a car. And I don’t have a bike….. I walked.

…An hour.

But please! Do not pity me! I know brothers and sisters across the world are walking miles to other villages under great persecution just to worship Jesus. I have no right to complain AT ALL about walking an hour in sunny California to worship Jesus.

The excitement of being in God’s house worshipping Him kept me going (and good thing I brought my knee brace!).


What can I say about the church? I loved it…

They met in an elementary school. I couldn’t find where the service was at first, but eventually, someone directed me to it.

I came to the intercession service and there we prayed for the church, the fathers, and for nations. I definitely loved the IHOP (International House of Prayer) spirit. I can definitely tell the worship leader has experience from IHOP. I am really growing to love the role of intercessory prayer as key in the Lord’s plans for the nations.

The service was great.

They had a special Father’s day challenge to the fathers and husbands. It was encouraging to see fathers and husbands offer up their God-ordained office to the Lord and to say “Yes” to Him.

After the service, everyone I met was really friendly (mind you, I came and walked there alone).

I met so many people from my school Fuller! Current students, new students, and alumni (The lead pastor is doing finishing his doctorate there as well). I met some people from IHOP (Yes!) I got a chance to talk to the pastor about what the Lord was doing in their church. He also invited me to meet with the other pastor and to talk (thank You Jesus!) I met little kiddies that were quite precious to say the least.

And to top it off, at the end the day at church, I got a ride home! (the couple goes to and lives at Fuller!).

The fathers of the congregation kneeling before the Lord at service.

So I definitely enjoyed my time there. I’m very blessed and very edified. I’m thinking about plugging in there. But seriously… four people on separate occasions to tell me to go there? That’s a little hard to miss…

Thank you Jesus that today was blessed in worshipping You. You are more important than me finding a church, worthy of the honor of the nations, worthy of our entire lives!

Grace to you all.