This is a song I wrote some time ago that was inspired from the Psalms.

In reading the Psalms, I love the rawness of emotions in relating to God. Words of desperation, words of humility, words of ecstatic praise all urge me to cry out, “God, You are my everything!” And so that’s what this song is about- it’s a ringing chorus of some of the message of the Psalms.


[audio: Everything.mp3]

My Everything

The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want
I shall not want
He leads me to pastures
and my heart’s bliss
is where He is

My God You are
My Everything
My everything

The Lord is my shelter
I shall not fear
I shall not fear
Though a thousand falls beside me
the Lord upholds me
for the Lord is for me


I will not fear the snare of my enemy
the Lord is my light and my salvation!
wherever I go he’s always there with me
sing out, my soul, sing out to the rock they
rejected has become my foundation!
and His word will pass nor ever fade away…