Well, it’s all over. I’m back from OneThing ’09.

It’s been said that conferences are minimal in their actual transformational work of an individual. Yes it’s true- when we encounter God, we change. But that change is minimal in comparison to what that individual chooses to do afterwards. Conferences get us excited for Jesus, and then they set a higher vision for us to live our lives.

And then the grunt work begins: The application of living a life for and in love with Jesus Christ on an everyday basis.

I want to sum up some of the biggest things I’m taking away from this conference. So here they are!

  • I must live a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.
    One of the things the Lord was speaking to me about was that for Christians to live life without consistent and perpetual praying and fasting is to live a non-normative Christian life. In a bad way. They’re unhealthy. They’re ineffective. They’re struggling. They are these things because when we don’t pray and fast we do not position ourselves to receive from the Lord grace to live the Christian life. We are not filled with the Spirit as we should be.So now, I am really setting myself to pray and to fast until He returns. This is expected of the bride of Christ as we expect his return (Matthew 9).
  • The Church of America desperately needs reform
    There is such a subnormal bar for the normal Christian lifestyle in America. For too long, we have accepted lives of compromise, mediocrity, and flesh-driven ministry and lives.

    God is demanding His people to wake up and come out of the increasing wickedness in our country into living lives of holiness, abandonment, prayer and fasting, spiritual power, passionate zeal, and service to the purposes of Jesus. These type of people are far and few as the majority of those who want to serve Jesus are steeped into the agenda’s of men and institutions or sin.

    Lord, send revival to America! And start with me….

  • I must schedule in my devotion to the Lord
    It is not enough to say I love Jesus. I must be intentional about scheduling into my weekly agenda things that will motivate that. I must schedule in times of prayer, of reading the Word, of fasting, of fellowship, etc. I must do these things because my flesh is weak and I am too quickly swayed by emotions of each day.
  • I am desiring to operate in the power, the gifts, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
    I want to learn the gifts of the Spirit and to use them in a way that pleases God. I want to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit, the same power (if not more) than witnessed in the book of Acts with the apostles. To say that what was recorded is non-normative for Christians of today is ridiculous. Even Jesus said in John 14 that we would do greater things that He did.
  • Learning many things about the coming of the Lord Jesus and what Jesus is doing on the earth now.
    Jesus is coming soon and quickly. The gospel can be preached to every nation in about ten years. God is raising up a global night and day prayer and fasting movement.

I learned many, many things, but those are just a few. Jesus has been so good to me this past week. I can see myself visiting Kansas City throughout the span of my life because I know the Lord is doing something big there.

I hope all those who are reading this have been blessed and would desire to know Him more!

Grace to you all. Until next year!