In Deuteronomy 6, Moses is instructing Israel to keep and to adore the word of God. He says: “They shall be as frontlets between your eyes.”

He is imagining that the word of God has such dominance over the hearts and minds of the people that it is as if there is an apparatus stuck on their head which displays the word of God to them, that no matter where they turn, no matter where they’re at, the word of God is with them.

While no one is actually creating or expecting us to have such an apparatus, it points to the inner reality of the Word of God being always on our hearts.

Yet when I reading this, I realized that in our day and age we quite a bit of competition in terms of what actually is our “frontlets”.

So often when we are are bored or when we’re waiting around for something, we are on our smart phones. The internet and the increasing accessibility of fascinating technology serves as competition for what we feed our hearts on.

Perhaps in our spare moments, we would put the phone away from our eyes, and find ways to meditate on God’s word.