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All Scripture is breathed out by God…

2 Timothy 3:16

I was having a semi-mental breakdown today.

This was my third week in a row of having intensive classes for four hours a day. Lectures and lectures and pages and pages of Bible-like material have consumed my days. And frankly, today it was hard for my mind to connect with the Holy Spirit. I couldn’t explain it, I just really felt out of funk and couldn’t explain why.

But then the Holy Spirit gave insight into the restlessness of my mind with his current revelation over my life:

He was reminding me that the things I was reading were good, but only one Book is inspired, and that’s God’s word. The weight of the opinion of men are feathers compared to the rock of God’s Word. And what was in my system was not enough real Food; just supplementary snacks. That’s why I have been out of sync.

And lastly, He was reminding me to not be overcome with reading books about the Bible, but to come to Him to be transformed BY the Bible.


that’s what I’m going to do! Back into the scriptures!

Phil Chan
Phil Chan
Phil has been writing for over 15 years. His passion is to help people see God and to live a life that matters.

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