Preface: I have no agenda of promoting resources other than to see the body of Christ blessed (e.g. I get no endorsements, affiliates, etc…) With that being said, here’s a resource I think every Christian in America should have (yes, I really do believe that every Christian should have this).

Operation World 7th Editon by Jason Mandryk & Team

Operation World is a powerful, comprehensive, authoritative guide to the current state of global Christianity. Broken down by country, the Operation World team, in their 7th edition, provides useful information for every single country in the world regarding…

  • Ethnic / Racial Demographics
  • Religious landscape of countries
  • Population of Christians in area and direction of growth (increasing/decreasing)
  • Relevant historical data about current political and spiritual status of country
  • Direct prayer requests from representative Christians in respective countries for readers to be able to partner in prayer and understanding

Aside from this valuable information, I think that the first 39 pages are alone worth the purchase alone as it gives broad strokes about the greatest needs in the body of Christ, the greatest movements happening, and progress of world evangelization.

This is a resource that I frequent when trying to understand the world that I live in and how America Christians can fit into this picture. Knowledge is not everything (as missions takes more than knowing but actual going), but it serves as an important backbone for Christians to unify with their sister and brothers around the world, and when called to go, to know what context they are walking into.