Repost: Understanding Minority and Majority Culture

Campus Crusade for Christ came out with an excellent article about minority groups and their relation to majority groups in the context of faith.

I am an Asian American, and I have some Asian American readers, so this is an important and excellent article:

They propose that there are 6 responses of minority groups towards majority groups:

  1. Posture 1: Unaware
  2. Posture 2: Angry and Wounded
  3. Posture 3: Silent and Resigned
  4. Posture 4: Duty and Pleasing
  5. Posture 5: Unity as Assimilation
  6. Posture 6: Equal and Empowered Partnership
If you’re interested and want to read more, here is the link: Six Postures of Ethnic Minority Culture Towards Majority Culture

Phil Chan
Phil Chan
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