This is a song that I feel extremely blessed to have finally written. It’s because it’s written from one of my favorite passages in the Bible.

It is the story of sinful woman in Luke 7. She is described as breaking an alabaster flask of ointment over Jesus’ feet, wiping her tears and her hair as a dramatic move of affection towards Jesus. What elicits such a display of love? Jesus tells a parable to tell describe the condition of her heart.

Jesus explains that: “He who is forgiven little, loves little.” or in other words, “He who is forgiven much, loves much.” Her affections towards Jesus are rooted from the response of being forgiven of all her sins.

That despite what anyone else said about her, including the Pharisees, or Simon, she was overcome by the love of Jesus. It was because his love permeated right through the condemnation of others. Instead of being the “sinner” of the community, she is now a daughter of God. And instead of being the worst of the worst, Jesus shows the power of his forgiveness by transforming her into the greatest lover of probably the New Testament.

Why is it my favorite passage?

Well because Phil Chan has a long and deep history of failure. And for the longest time, although no one might have said anything, I was riddled with shame at my shortcomings. This, I eventually learned, was from the devil. Like the woman, God didn’t see me based on my bad track record and the amount of sin I’ve committed- He sees my life based on how much I’ll love Him after His forgiveness has touched me.

And so, this song birthed from that encounter with God’s love.

This song is for anyone who thinks for any second of the day that, after being in a relationship with Jesus, Jesus condemns them and thinks they’re a second-class citizen in the kingdom of God because of what they’ve done. The truth is, you’re not. The truth is, the greater your past sin, the greater is your potential to love Jesus. Because “he/she has been forgiven much, loves much.”

So without further adieu, here it is:

[audio: Chan – Love Overcame Me.mp3]

(You probably need to turn up the speakers)

Love Overcame Me

So unworthy I come
So broken by my sin and shame
and oh the eyes of everyone
is looking straight down on me

But you don’t see me like they do
they don’t know how much I mean to you
though my past is far from clean
your mercy is reaching for me


I am made new
I’ve been set free
all my demons are gone
Jesus rescued me
out of the depths
into his arms
I remember the day
when your love overcame me

I hear the enemy come
he says my wrongs have been engraved
for how can anyone
love a wretch like me?

You don’t see me like they do
who I am is not how far I was from you
even though ive made a mess out of me
your love still reaches to me


Is there anything i can do to make you love me  less?
or am i am written on your palms?
and if ever i fall down again
I will look to the cross
I will look to the cross..

I was made new
I was set free
where all my demons were gone
Jesus rescued me
out of the depths
into his arms
I remember the day
when Your love overcame me

Luke 7:36-50, Isaiah 49:15-16