Intimacy is Everything

God does not call us to tasks, but to be with Him and do tasks. Godly tasks are not the ends of the Christian life. I had a revelation this weekend that for my version of faithful Christianity is so works-oriented. As if obedience is something Jesus sends us off and to do by ourselves. No, […]


Testimony: God the Protector of My Scooter and Me

Here’s a pretty sweet God story of God watching over my scooter and me. Last week Wednesday, we did a Bible study at work of Psalm 91, and the takeaway from that was that “I need to ask God for protection when I ride my scooter.” So I begin doing so that day. Thursday, I’m […]


The Foundation of Christian Living is…Obedience

The experiential difference between the one who hears God versus the one who hears God and obeys is absurdly monumental. Jesus, after preaching two straight chapters on the sermon on the mount, says his final words by basically saying, “The difference between those of you here who heard and those who heard and will obey is […]


The Bible’s Mandate Interpreted

Bible: Take care of orphans, widows, poor, and the fatherless. Interpretation: Take care of people with great brokenness, with great pain, with great abandonment, and whose hearts are just broken from relational or systemic injustices. These people, by virtue of having such brokenness, will take an extraordinary amount of time, energy, patience, love, and money […]


Puppy Love Faith

Last night I had a really sweet time of worship with Jesus. It was reminscent of how first grew in my faith when I first asked Jesus to come into my heart. Back in the day, I cultivated a relationship with God in the secret place of my room where I just sang worship songs […]


In the Desert and Lovin’ It

I haven’t really done any official ministry for two years now. In the early part of this time, I hated it. I resented it. I wanted to do what God made me to do and I felt robbed of the opportunity to fulfill my God-given mandates. Like a brat, I pouted. Now that I’m in […]


Why Coach Tom Thibodeau Reminds Me of Jesus

In case you didn’t know, I am a pretty enthusiastic Chicago Bulls fan. When I’m not doing something important, I am busily keeping up with my beloved Bulls from California. As most Bulls fans know, one of the staples of Chicago basketball of the last few years has been our fearless coach. Battling injury after injury, Coach […]


I’ll Always Stand for You Jesus

  Jesus, I stand for YouNo matter what You lead me through Tree63 – Stand for You I used to listen to this song in high school (that was years ago by the way). Back then it was a very meaningful song to my young faith because the lines of following Jesus were clear amidst […]