Let me ask you a question that is so important to your calling that maybe someone hasn’t asked you in a long time:

How teachable are you?

This is such an important question. And I’ll tell you why it’s so important with a real story from my life. 

“Here, let me help you. This resource will really help you”

This is what I said to someone who was in a really low season of their life. They were in that low season because they were weak in one particular area of their life. And it was hampering their entire life and really bringing the people around them down.

I had gone through that struggle before, found great victory, and knew there were certain things that this person needed. so I suggested a resource to help. I wanted this person to read it so they could grow.

Do you know what the person did with that?


Nada. No response. I was surprised to see such a nonresponse.

Now, before you say, “Oh maybe it was just you Phil”, it was at that moment that I noticed something: Quite a few people had tried to help this person in this area and all of them had the same response.

And I realized the immensity of what I was unfolding before my eyes: This person is going to continue to struggle in this area and bring harm to many people around him. Indefinitely! It was very sad and hard for me to see. 

I felt like this was an object lesson for me and for people who care about their destiny in their life.

It reminded me that this person lacked one of the most important attributes a person can have in order to arrive at their destiny:


Teachability is the ability to recognize weakness and actively seek ways to grow.

Teachability is a mindset equipped on the people of God to proactively reflect on improving themselves to how to get through even the toughest of seasons.

Let me tell you, without teachability, we are screwed as God’s people. We remain STUCK in the same place. We end up struggling with the same things over and over again and the output of our lives doesn’t change.

When I think of biblical examples of people who weren’t unteachable, I can’t help but think of King Saul. Talented guy. Tall, handsome, and had incredible favor with the people.

But he struggled with image, insecurity, and the allure of power. And he never grew from it. The wild thing is that God gives him multiple chances.

Remember that Saul chases David multiple times in the wilderness. Each time, God delivers David, Saul weeps for his stupidity. And then a few chapters later, he goes back into doing the same thing over again.

It’s wild to me.

And as you know, he fails at being king. God takes his destiny away from him.

What people who are teachable do differently

How do you prevent your calling from being greatly delayed or even taken from you? Be teachable. Grow. Learn to be more like Jesus.

How do you become teachable?

Here are some ideas:

1. They see what the lesson is from God every season

Every season has lessons. Teachable people have that mindset. “What’s the lesson here?” “How is God using the circumstances in my life, as tough as they are, to grow me?”

2. They have habits to take inventory of themselves

Every teachable person I know is incredibly self-reflective. No, not in the self-obsessed selfie kind of way.

They are incredibly self-aware of their weaknesses.

They know their weaknesses, are humble about them, and seek to grow and be better at it.

Teachable people have habits of constantly reflecting on themselves to see what areas God is trying to grow them.

3. Receive feedback unconditionally

Do you know what the ultimate test of how teachable someone is?

The ability to receive feedback no matter how poorly framed the feedback is.

I’ve seen so many people complain about how someone gave them feedback and ignore what the feedback was about.

They get offended, they get hurt, and blah blah blah. It’s all about them.

And in the process, they miss what they need to grow.

Listen, I can count the number of great communicators on my hand that can give critical feedback without ever hurting someone’s feelings. It’s not going to be a common occurrence.

Teachable people can look beyond the crappy communication in people and still draw a lesson. They can get a verbal beatdown, and still go “thank you for that feedback.” They can do it because they can glean. They can separate the chaff from the wheat and take what they need to grow.

Are you teachable?

Hey, if you’re reading this. I really want you to be teachable.

You need to grow. I need to grow. We all need to grow.

Without growing we’ll never be the people that God has called us to be.

Think about this–How teachable are you?

How hungry are you to grow to become like Jesus in every area of your life?

You were made for greatness,