You’re busy. I’m busy. Everyone’s busy.

I’m sure you’ve felt days where life has caught up to you and you’re just drowning. You’re falling behind. You’re emotionally not well.

How do you not drown in busyness?

Well, I’ve been reading about and hanging around spiritual giants around me for years. I feel like I figured out how they do it. They never seem phased. They always keep their cool. And they’re still producing great fruit.

How do they do it?

Let me share with you a piece of advice that I’ve been applying in my life will really help you if you’re busy all the time. I need you to read this really slowly because if you really really understand this principle I guarantee it will change your life:

Here’s the principle:

On any given busy day, when choosing between something you need to get done and something that provides leverage, always choose what will give you leverage.

Let me explain what I mean with a real example:

A lot of times I run into people who are tired at midday. And they’re deciding between crushing some tasks or taking a 5 min power nap. More often than not, they will trudge on and try to do some tasks. They think “man I can use that 5 minutes to do more tasks than wasting time on taking a nap.”

Wrong choice.

If possible, always choose what provides you with the most leverage at that moment.

What that person doesn’t realize is that a nap unlocks rest. And that rest gives them more fuel to do what they need to do with better excellence. Naps unlock creativity. They unlock spiritual centering. They give us real energy.

This is a real example. But I find this principle can be extrapolated to a lot of areas in life.

  • I notice that spiritual giants prioritize their time with God in the morning over just starting their day because that provides greater leverage for the rest of their day.
  • I notice that spiritual giants will take time to reflect, be still, and tune into their hearts because that emotional and mental clarity provides greater leverage.
  • I notice that spiritual giants carve out time to take care of their bodies because it provides greater leverage.

Over and over and over and over again, I see that they always intentionally and deliberately choose what gives them the greatest leverage.

If you want a biblical example, I always look at the life of Jesus. Between choosing to do more ministry or withdrawing to recoup, you’ll find over and over again he chooses the latter.

In short, the difference between people who drown in busyness or who tackle it with grace is whether they consistentlychoose habits and actions which provide them greater leverage.

Here’s another analogy for your money-minded folks:

It’s like the person who chooses to squander every dollar in their hand. They feel constantly poor because it just comes out of their hand.

Compare that to the person who, no matter what dollar comes in, and what need is in front of them, invests those few dollars (even in a crappy savings account). If they make a constant habit of investing (aka leveraging), the things they can pay for are exponentially more than the person who spent everything they had immediately.

You compare the person who consistently chose leverage over the person who doesn’t and the gap is very wide!

Here’s how you crush busyness

Choose habits that provide the greatest leverage in your life. What kind of habits give you greater leverage?

Here are some ideas of leverage

  • making time every day for God
  • choosing to exercise, go on walks
  • choosing life-giving fellowship over choosing solitary

What ideas am I missing? What gives you life?

You were made for greatness,