It can feel like God is far from our lives. Sometimes it feels like we’re just living life on our own. We can find ourselves asking, “I thought that Christianity was a relationship… If so, then what is God doing in my life?”

It can feel lonely. It can feel disorienting.

In the maturing of my life, I realized that the way I thought that God was moving in my life was different than the way he actually was.

And in the process, I’ve learned to ask three critical questions to help illuminate me in what God is doing.

Why do these three questions work?

These questions always point me to the revelation of what God is doing in my life for a couple of reasons

  1. It works because, more often than not, God is doing at least one of these things very prominently.
  2. To me, that forms the summary of what God is doing in various parts of the Bible with different people. Almost in every story in the Bible you can see God doing one of these three things. God wasn’t always using David, but he was sometimes shaping him. God wasn’t always blessing Abraham but he was sometimes using him.

If you feel lost, chances are, you may be missing the answer to one of these questions.

I recommend spending some time to reflect and journal on them.

Ask These 3 Questions to Know What God is Doing In Your life

I’ve learned to ask three critical questions to help me get gauge what God is doing.

If you take the time to reflect on at least one of them, I guarantee you will start seeing the hand of God come out of the shadow and into the light.

Here are the three questions:

Question 1: “How is God GROWING me?”

Eph 2 says that we are his masterpiece. What it means is that he is doing something inside of us. Like a pottery piece, he is shaping us, moving us, chiseling us. He is doing this to make us in the image of Jesus.

In every season, God is trying to shape us into his likeness in a particular way. He is making us more holy, more loving, more gracious, etc.

Ephesians 2 says we are a masterpiece being worked on by God. Just like pottery, this means he is always shaping us to be more like his Son.

Think of a life circumstance that you’re going through right now that is testing your character. More likely than not, God is behind it, using the circumstances in your life to grow you.

Question 2: “How is God BLESSING me?”

While God is shaping us, we are not just projects! We are his beloved children. And in every season, there is a blessing that is unique to this season.

Some seasons, it’s been the gift of having more time with certain people in my life. Sometimes it’s a financial blessing. Sometimes it is a material blessing.

Ask yourself: How is God blessing me this season?

Think of things you can be thankful for, and assuredly you will find God behind it.

Question 3: “How is God USING me?”

Lastly, I find that God always uses us in some shape or form.

After all, we are called to be salt and light in the world (Matthew 5). Every season God affords specific people he’s placed in our lives for us to bless in the name of Jesus. It can be a word, a sermon, or an act of generosity.

The thing is–often, you’ll never be able to interact with those people outside of this season. Think of the school friends you had that you never get to see anymore. Don’t waste this season! If there’s a parent, a workmate, or friend he is affording special time to bless and minister to, seize it. Think of how God might want to use you this season.


In every season God is doing something in our lives. And while it can feel lost amid all the noise, asking these questions

If you try it, let me know which question helps you connect with what God is doing this season!

You were made for greatness,