This one has been cooking in the oven for about two years now.

I’m really happy to report that my book will officially be on the market December 17. In case you haven’t seen, here is the official book cover!

Rhythms of Resilience will be available on all major online retailers on Dec 17, 2022!

This book has been on my heart for years. I believe the last few years have precipitated the need for believers to be acquainted with chaos. And the only way to do that is to have the faith tools necessary. 

In this book are fifteen faith practices that I believe every believer should be equipped with to thrive.


Where can I buy it?

You’ll be able to buy a paperback on Amazon!

Will it be available Digitally?

Yes! Shortly after the paperback release, we will release the Kindle version.

How are you going to celebrate?

I’m going to have a Taco party at my house with all my friends and family that have helped make this possible.