I recently came back from a church retreat in which we talked about the idea of living courageously.

One of the things I learned that while courage is not an attribute explicitly listed as virtues in our pages of the New Testament, if read between the lines of what the Bible calls us to do, one cannot accomplish those without courage.

A failure to see our need for courage may depict a Christian life which is focused so much on character that will we will rot in our righteous homes without ever impacting the world. The fact of the matter is that we are not meant to live cloistered lives as Christians. We were not meant to live the safest possible life and hope to make it out and hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

But rather, courage is required to get us off our seats and to engage and to transform a world of darkness. It takes lots of courage to live a life of evangelism. It takes courage to not live in a safe secluded suburb somewhere. It takes courage to travel to third world countries to help others. It takes courage to do the things that God calls us to do in a world dying for life.