“When Moses grew up, the Pharaoh’s daughter brought him to Pharoah’s daughter, and he became her son.”

Exodus 2:10

The beginning of Exodus reveals the Hebrew people being sold and worked under slavery. God promised that He would deliver them and so he sent them Moses.

I was meditating last night on how awesome of a choice Moses was.

Chapter 1 of Exodus begins describing the enslaving of the people of Israel. Juxtaposed with that is chapter 2-Moses’ birth account. Unlike being born into slavery like his people, Moses was born into royalty.

Needless to say, his mentality of growing up was much different than a Hebrew boy. He didn’t work 10 hours a day slaving away. He wasn’t branded or marked as someone’s possession. He was brought up and affirmed as a free man.

And it is this man who had a free man mentality which God would use to deliver his people from slavery. Why?

It was because Moses would be leading from a place in his heart which the notion of being enslaved was never formed. He knew he was royal. And so when he looked at his people outside, he could say with confidence, “My people do not belong in slavery, they belong in royalty as I am.” Not royal in Pharaoh’s court, but God’s.

It was this perspective which pulled the people out of their captivity and kept them going because, unlike Moses, the people did have enslavement in their hearts.

This proved to be even more important in the desert when the people were hungry and complained to Moses that they rather return to be slaves in Egypt that to continue. They were speaking from a perspective of being used to being enslaved by people.

But Moses would not let them walk in that old identity. He knew in his heart that they were free and they were meant to be free forever. And those convictions came from that unique upbringing that God led Moses through as a child of Pharaoh.

And that, my friends, is the wisdom in God’s choosing of deliverers.