Forget your people and your father’s house,
and the king will desire your beauty.

Psalm 45:10

I believe the key to enjoying intimacy with God is a spirit of abandonment.

I love this Psalm which evokes this desperateness. It is the spirit of ‘leaving all’ which allows us to ‘cling closely’ with Jesus.

It is the abandoned heart which draws us close to Jesus. An abandoned heart is a stranded heart, looking for somewhere to land. And a stranded heart is one which provides the quickest home for the love of God. It is a stranded heart in conjunction with earnest seeking which forms the fire of passionate intimacy with Jesus.

I think that many people who struggle to be intimate with Jesus simply struggle with letting go. There are too many securities in the heart, too many allegiances of affections, too many plan B’s, too many alternative lovers to experience deep and wholly consuming love.

If you have never experienced the feeling of falling on your knees before God in complete abandonment, I would recommend it to the utmost. You will find that the spirit of abandonment was the fast track to a heart of intimacy.