Welcome to the new version of The Black Box.

Believe it or not, I have been writing in the blog entity known as “The Black Box” for about 10 years now. It’s been pretty cool knowing that tens of thousands of people have visited and have interacted on this site, watching me chronicle my relationship with God. All glory to God!

What is coming up for me and The Black Box moving forward?

I noticed that there’s a trend in my writing for the last few years–I think I write less personal things and more impersonal Bible reflections from my time with God. What made the Black Box so meaningful to me in the very early years was that that was the place where I journaled a lot about what God was doing in me and in my heart.

I feel like I want to bring this blog back to that.

I want to bring it where I can feel free to chronicle more of the heart-wrenching aspects of following Jesus.

In a world where we have a public space on the internet where I can decorate it as much as I want, it’s so easy to create a facade of who I am and my relationship with God. But the truth is, I’m so messed up, and in need of God’s grace. Why flaunt something that is not real? So I want to write more personal things because He’s worthy of the struggle, and people need to hear that He’s worthy.

And I also want to write more thoughtful, but less frequent articles that are timely and relevant to our generation. A lot of the interest in my blog has come from when I have taken the time to write something meaningful that I truly believe the Body of Christ needs to hear. For instance, writing about Being Drunk in the Spirit in 2013 has been really cool and one of my favorite posts to stir discussion and to inform people.

I hope the fresh design will elicit some fresh vision for writing, and I’m glad for any of you guys to join on the journey.

Cheers…to a God who never fails to inspire.