Let’s be honest: being on social media in 2020 is depressing.

We have less in-person interactions and now we are drawn to our phones more and more (much to the social media giants’ delight…)

It’s depressing because that facade of people’s glorious lives often stands in complete opposition to the internal angst brewing and exploding in people’s hearts.

The greater the difference between our external presentation and our internal reality, the greater we will spiral into depression. Fakeness is poison for our souls.

Even though 2020 has been good for me in some ways, for sure, I’ve exhibited symptoms of grief, depression, and anger.

The pathway to properly tend the garden of our hearts is honesty, and social media is completely bereft of it.

Most of my time with God these days has been spending countless hours writing in my journal. Writing my honest thoughts, emotions, frustrations, disappointments, angers, and turning them into prayer. There I am a little child before God, yet I feel his closeness as a good Father.

If you are sensing that dissonance between external appearance and internal angst, here’s my recommendation: spend time journaling and in prayer before God.

What emotions are you feeling? Where do your disappointments lie? Where is God in your life now?

Do less of social media (ironic as it is reading this), Do more internal investigation before God. I guarantee you’ll abate the tides of depression.