2020 has been messy for everyone.

Based on your cultural background, you may feel pressure to still appear like your life is together. Yet this isn’t something God requires to experience him at all.

I am always impressed and inspired by the brutal honesty of the Psalms.

“Hear my cry, O God”

Psalm 61

A cry is honest
A cry is raw
A cry is not put together

Yet a cry is exactly what is heard by a God who cares not for the farce that is our lives.

The only way to come to God is without our masks.
The only road to experience him is through the road of brutal honesty.

2020 has been messy for our personal lives in many ways.

And it’s okay to come to him as we are.

And as we come to him, we find that our messy rugged unkempt selves is the best way to come to a loving Father.