Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God.

Genesis 6:9

I’m reading Genesis now, and I am really moved by the description of Noah.

He is called blameless.

To be blameless is to live a life of righteousness by God’s standards. It’s doesn’t meant perfection from birth, it meant that he lived a life which obeyed God’s laws and he obeyed it with all his heart.

But he wasn’t just blameless, he was blameless in his generation.

Every believer of God in every generation of faith faced the challenges of the corruption of the world around them. God’s people will always be surrounded by people who do not operate in God’s laws, do not care to operate in God’s ways, and will even entice God’s people to do otherwise.

The generation I am living in is in many ways very similar to Noah’s. Noah’s generation, like mine, is full of people who do not care to live by God’s ways. As we are reflecting on the waywardness of our own generation in regards to its understanding of what is sinful, what is unnatural, what is not right, there is still an invitation by God, as was given in Noah’s generation, to be blameless in our generation.

What I am learning is that it takes great strength and perseverance to be considered blameless in our generation. With the advent of technology and the rate at which public opinions can be shared and changed, to be blameless from our youth all the way till old age will be quite a feat. Will we look at our lives with the judgment seat of God in mind, longing to be counted as those who strove towards blamelessness in his generation?

May God help us as he helped Noah.