You turn things upside down! Shall the potter be regarded as the clay,
that the thing made should say of its maker, “He did not make me”;
or the thing formed say of him who formed it, “He has no understanding”?

Isaiah 29:16

This passage is a great model for what it means to be formed for ministry. In Eph 2, it tells us that we are God’s workmanship, created to do good in the world.

All of us want to be formed by God to be used for his purposes on the earth. And I want to share from this passage the quickest way to be formed:

Say Yes.

Say yes to the hand of the potter. The quickest way to dull our growth in ministry is to be 1) unable to recognize God’s hand working in our lives and 2) to resist his hand. To do so is to miss out on the forming process that God is intending for us.

It is those who can, with the scope of the entire life in perspective, see God’s hand working in their life and those who submit to his hand that will grow the quickest. Remember Saul, remember Jonah, not for their good, but for the result of their denial of God’s hand, which was not good, by the way.