Reading through Joshua provokes deep craving within me.

One of the things I crave is the strong leading of God in my life.

In Joshua 3-4, there is a crazy story where Joshua is elected new leader and God is demonstrating his authority before Israel by performing a great and miraculous sign. He instructs the priests of Israel to bring the Ark of the Covenant to the Jordan, and as the Ark of the Covenant is placed there, the waters split in half! And the people cross over the Jordan as the two sides of the water are like walls to them.

To me, this is not a light leading of the Lord; this is a strong leading of the Lord.

I want, in my life, to have strong leading from God. Not “oh I feel like God is leading me” or “perhaps we should go here” or “I think this is a decision God would bless” but somewhere more along the lines of “OH MY GOSH THERE ARE SO MANY MIRACLES HAPPENING AROUND ME THAT THE LEADING OF GOD IS UNMISTAKABLE.

Yah.. something more along those lines.

If he is a God who led Israel strongly, even when they didn’t want Him, can he be a God who leads me strongly, as I want him to? Oh I pray that he would do so.