Well, I’m finally home after a marathon run at church today. My friend Han Man took me to my first church visit in LA. All I want to say is that I was totally blessed by the hand of the Lord today.

It was like a Holy Spirit hydrant! It was literally blessing after blessing. I remember the fire of the Holy Spirit filling me in numerous occasions. My stomach started to hurt after laughing so much with the joy of the Lord!

The Lord was really doing something in some people in the church. We met some people that operated in the prophetic and we spent a lot of time with them.

There was this girl Sharon, her little sister (sorry I forget her name), and this guy Paul.

Sharon told us that when we (Han, Bailey, and I) walked into the service, the Holy Spirit highlighted us to her. She experiences manifestations of the Holy Spirit, so she started shaking and convulsing as soon as we walked in (I’m sorry if you’re evangelical and don’t really understand what I’m talking about…) and the Lord told her how ‘they were men filled with the Spirit’. I guess that’s a kind compliment!

We just spent time after the service and talked like we were brothers and sisters. They were sharing their testimonies of what the Lord was doing in their lives and in ours. As we spent more time talking, we realized that our encounter was meant to be.

Bailey’s calling seemed to be an answered prayer for Paul and Sharon and her sister’s testimony seemed to be an answered prayer for Bailey. I was just filled with joy listening and receiving prophecy over my life. I got more revelation, from talking with them, why the Lord has me in Southern California in this season of life. And a bunch of other things too

It was so strange because both Sharon and her sister prophesied the exact thing over me, even they told me at separate times without knowing one had already said some words to me. I was thoroughly blessed.

I understand that the church as a whole is generally really reformed and conservative, but the Holy Spirit is really stirring in some individuals to operate in the expressions and gifts of the Holy Spirit. And it was so interesting how the Lord led us to these exact individuals.

Bailey and I were laughing so much with the joy of the Lord today!

Praise Jesus!