I’ve been finding myself in a season where, when people ask me how my weeks are going, I’m kind of hard pressed to find something exciting to share with them. I didn’t have this super crazy God encounter or someone was healed of cancer or something really dramatic like that. Then I remembered what I did most of the week–I studied and  I prayed.

Part of me was like, “Man, that’s kind of boring, God. I want to hear your prophetic voice and do crazy things for you like we used to!” I began longing for power encounters and big Holy Spirit movements and all that jazz.

But as I continued praying, the Holy Spirit began speaking to me: “What makes you think I’m not speaking to you through your studies?”

He was reminding me that just as he speaks powerfully to people today, he spoke powerfully to godly men who have done their work in writing books. It may not be really dramatic as I expected it (in my flesh), but I shouldn’t underestimate how much I am changing simply by devoting myself to becoming a better student of his Word and of theology. After all, seminary is an opportunity where I can really devote myself to loving God with my mind and to be knowledgable about what He’s doing in the world before I am really out there.

So now, I can embrace these low-hype seasons of my life with joy knowing that I am still walking in the Spirit!