Spare the gifts.

Long has the dilution of Christmas under the weight of America’s capitalism dulled the joy of what should’ve always been a worshipful holiday.

This year, there is no gift that awaits me, no toys, no family time that is stirring my anticipation.

Like many here in America, with the pandemic rising on our shores, the practice of Christmas will look drastically than every other we have ever experienced. We will probably celebrate alone, in the cold, living amidst a joyless and defeated world.

Yet I have never been more excited to celebrate Christmas this year than in my whole life.

December is upon us. And yet week by week, the excitement in my heart is rising.

Even though I exist in the year 2020, I feel that I am in the shoes of those who waited in 0 AD for their Savior to come. Under the weight of Roman oppression, under the weight of a God who has been silent for 400 years, a defeated world awaited for its prophesied Messiah to come onto the scene.

And oh did he come!

Similarly, the fire in my bones this year bears the embers of knowing that Christmas is a time we celebrate Jesus’ entrance into a dark and hopeless world. Stripped now of our commercialized circus, the vanity of gift exchanges, the Christian message of the Light of the World coming into the world has never shone more brightly in my lifetime.

Spare the gifts!

I am a child jumping up and down because Christmas’ true meaning that has never more been needed has been received in my heart.

Spare me the culture wars!

I’m not apologizing for the Christmas I celebrate. You will find me on the rooftops shouting at the top of my lungs for joy knowing that Christmas in 2020 is going to to be the BEST.

Why is it Christmas in 2020 going to be the best?

It is because we are reminded that we serve a God for which no darkness intimidates nor frightens.

It is because we are reminded that, even if 2020 gets even worse or 2021 worse still, in the absence of light does true light makes its presence known

It is because we are reminded that I bear that light to our dark world.

The Bible never instructs us to celebrate Christmas. Yet if you are the people of God, share this contagious anticipation with me. For joy to the world of 2020, the Lord is come.

Let earth receive her king!

How are you joyfully celebrating Christmas this year? Let me know in the comments below!