When God called Moses at the burning bush. We can remember that Moses was not very willing to go at first. He had four reasons why he didn’t want to go:

  1. He was a nobody
  2. He didn’t know who God was
  3. The people wouldn’t believe him
  4. He wasn’t eloquent

As you know, God would convince Moses to do it either way. And eventually Moses would be the main leader in delivering God’s people out of Egypt into the promised land.

But you know what’s funny? God didn’t really take away the challenges that Moses would face.

If you read the story, he was still a nobody. The people and Pharaoh wouldn’t believe him. And in the end, he was still not eloquent.

You know what that tells me? God’s not unaware of the challenges that we face. He sometimes doesn’t take the challenges away from us in the callings that he gives us. What promise is there that God gives which motivates us to keep running into our calling? Only this:

I will be with you.

The only promise sometimes is that God will be with us. Through the high and low, through the challenges and victories, God will be with us.

Walking into the callings that God has given us does not mean the absence of challenges; he’s quite aware of them. It’s not about the size of the challenge, it’s about the size of the God who calls you.

And that is why his promise that “I will be with you” is surely enough.