Last night, after service was done at the retreat, we began praying for people for healing.

God led me to pray for this woman who was suffering from a lung infection that could’ve killed her. She had intense inflammation, causing great pain in her upper back and in her breathing.

After praying in Jesus’ name, she got healed completely!

She was jumping around and filled with the joy of the Lord!

It’s aaaaaaaaalllllllll Jesus.

Today we got to pray for someone who worked at Souplantation while he was taking his break. His wife has cancer and we prayed for her healing. We blessed him and left.

Walking around trying to encounter people with Jesus’ love can be a scary thing. But showed me that we need to break down social norms in order to invade with the kingdom of God. God showed me that when we’re filled with the love of God, we have no need to receive affection and approval from anyone we meet, and that it shouldn’t bother us when we get rejected. We’ve lost nothing in the process because we’re sooo deeply loved by Jesus!


We went out and drove around to see where we would to do some evangelism at. Our group decided to…go to a basketball court

So we went, and we ran into some guys that were there. They were just chilling, but we got to talk to this one kid John and his two friends Jerry and Hymein (sp?). John was the one mostly engaging us while the other two just observed, unsure of what was going on.

We were just trying bless John and bless these guys. It turns out that the Lord has been speaking to John for some time and our ministry there just further confirmation of His love for him. His knee hurt because he was drunk one night, fell off his scooter, and landed….right in front of a church. That, was to him, God’s sign for him. Later, got convicted for a felony they didn’t commit, went to prison, and started praying to Jesus. By God’s grace, they got out of prison miraculously (a few weeks back). And so he’s been trying to go to church and all.

So we just laid hands on him and prayed for him. His knee actually got better! And it was just nice encouraging him, and doing our best to witness to his friends who just saw God heal him. So that was real cool.

More thoughts to come..