And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church…

Matthew 16:17

Discipleship first begins by seeing a vision for what someone can be and then calling them to it.

Jesus here demonstrates that to Peter at the eclipse of his ministry to the twelve. At this point, being a leader in the church is no where on Peter’s radar. Being the rock which prevails against hell is not on his radar as well.

But Jesus, from his times of prayer, sees the destiny that God has called Peter to and speaks it to him.

So few people have this done in their lives–to have others speak destiny into their lives from the place of prayer. I believe that some of the most powerful times in my discipleship times have been when I looked my guys into the eye, and speak words that the Lord gave me from the place of prayer.

That vision will plant a seed into their hearts and the Holy Spirit will confirm (or unconfirm if you’re wrong… ) those things.

It is a powerful thing to hear pieces of your destiny from someone who spend their time in prayer.