Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things;
and give me life in your ways.

Psalm 119:37

Have you ever been at a social event, everyone’s talking and having a good time, and then suddenly someone turns on the big-screen TV and everyone’s eyes automatically shifts that way? Ever feel a shift in the social dynamics in the room?

One of the things I’ve been reflecting on these past couple of weeks have been learning and observing how my relationship with technology affects my spirit.

I feel like that inclination to divert my eyes towards anything that is visually stimulating may be hazardous to my spirit.

Unfortunately, for a very “connected” guy, this is not a really good thing. I noticed that over stimulation leaves my mind in a “jumbled” state due to information overload, visual overload, and seriously affects my ability to stay connected to the Holy Spirit.

This is going to be a point of research and discernment for me personally-I wonder if anyone experiences similar things?