Samuel said, “Though you are little in your own eyes, are you not the head of the tribes of Israel?”1 Samuel 15

Right when Saul disobeys God, Samuel approaches him with this probing question.

In other words, Samuel is asking Saul, “Don’t you know who you are?”

While Saul’s position changed from a nobody from a small tribe to become King, Samuel saw that Saul’s irresponsibility was due to the fact that he hadn’t believed himself to be in that great role.

Saul’s lack of identity led him to a poor knowledge of God and to his stumblings as king.

I thought about Saul this morning and wondered how many Christians operate in the same way–whether they know who they really are in God.

Do we know what became of us when we became “born again”? How God seated us in the royal courts? How God put his living Spirit within us? And how he called us his beloved sons and daughters?

To many, especially Asian-Americans, modesty and self-effacing comments have defined our spirituality. Yet self-detriment is not humility–a rightful view ourselves in the context of serving God and others is humility.

So I say to you: Don’t be little in your eyes. Know who you are in God and let that position change the way you see yourself and act. You’re a son and daughter of God. God has entrusted you with his Holy Spirit to live and to dwell in you forever with power and love.