Saul said, “the people spared the best of the sheep and the of the oxen to sacrifice to the Lord Your God.”1 Samuel 15

Saul is given a simple commandment–go and obey God now by destroying the Amalekites completely.

But Saul doesn’t–he compromises by preserving their king and the best of the sheep and oxen.

As Samuel comes and confronts him about his incomplete obedience, he responds by saying he didn’t completely obey because he thought it would be a good idea to keep some for sacrifice. This fueled Samuel and the Lord’s anger because of Saul’s negligence.

This is what I learned–just because something is a good idea, doesn’t mean it’s from God.

How many times do Christians make decisions because they are good ideas, good sounding, but not done out of obedience to the Holy Spirit?

Saul’s incomplete disobedience showed that he trusted in himself and his bright ideas versus leaning on the Lord and obeying what God has said.

In American culture where autonomy, hyper-individualism, seize-it-mentality are rampant, how often do we as Christians actually wait on the Lord before we do something?