Too many of us have a Christian vocabulary rather than a Christian experience.
We think we are doing our duty when we’re only talking about it.

Charles F. Banning

I was having a conversation with a younger friend in high school the other day. She was sharing how she’s worried about not standing in God by herself.

Then I asked her if I could share something important I’ve learned in my life.

I told her that, for me, the most important thing I have going that lets me stand firm for God no matter where I go, is that I have a long relational history with Jesus. 

My experiences of following Jesus have been wild, fun, deeply moving. There are so many times when I cannot deny his presence and his guidance over my life. I have too many stories over the ten plus years I’ve been following Him to share about his goodness that it lets me be firm now.

So in short, I told her this: Get some stories!

Get some stories with God. Try him out. Go deep with him. See if he is really faithful. And every story you collect, it will be the building blocks to a sound faith that no one can ever take away.