If we want to amount to anything great in the Lord we must be perfect in this–absolute surrender.

There is a pattern among people who are doing amazing things for the Lord in our generation and in generations of old–lives of absolute surrender.

Their soul was completely given to the will of God in heaven. Self-dependency, self-leading, and self-agendas are things they learned to put far from them in place of loftier things: obeying the purposes of God in their generation.

I see God in heaven, the master commander, flipping through pages and pages of blueprints. These are the master plans for his work in our generation. And he’s looking for people to hand out assignments to. What kind of person is he looking for to carry his greatest plans? Surrendered people.

Surrendered people carry God’s heart in theirs. They act in God’s wisdom, not theirs. These are the people God trusts with his plans.

So if you want to do great and mighty things for God, learn the posture of surrendering to the will of the Holy Spirit.