Honest to God, I feel like since I’ve become a Christian, my weakness has always been evangelism.

I understand the skills and the message, but I’ve always lacked the heart to do so. I feel like what drove the people in the New Testament was not excellent programs, but their hearts were on fire to share Jesus with anyone and everyone.

In this past season of life, I’ve found that my fervor for evangelism has been increasing. Which is awesome. But with that I found also something increasing as well: my absolute surrender to Jesus.

I found that as I felt more of a fire to give my entire life to Jesus, the more readily and more apt I became to share the gospel. I thought about this phenomenon occurring in my life and wondered if there was a direct correlation.

I think there is.

I believe that there is a correlation between the surrendered-ness of one’s heart and one’s passion to share the gospel.

After all, the gospel is a life and death message. And I suppose that you won’t really share it with passion and fervor unless you’re completely sold on Jesus yourself.

And as I continually give my life to the person and purposes of Jesus, the more his heart grows in mine.