When I often take walks at night to pray and to praise Jesus, believe it or not, sometimes the appearance of the stars and moon become stumbling blocks to me.

I look out at the vastness of the sky and see the great beauty of the night sky and there is always this sense of fear that comes from realizing how small I really am. And with that fear comes unbelief.

Unbelief creeps into my mind because I really wonder, while gazing at the expanse of the night, do I really know the God of the universe? It’s quite a confession.. And this feeling doubled over because prior to one of my walks, I was reading the end of the gospel where it reveals that this God was mocked, scourged, punished, and crucified for humanity.

The unbelief stems from the question of, “If God is so great, awesome, and powerful, why would he do such a thing? Why does he want to know me, and even worse, be brought low for me?” I don’t doubt my relationship with God when I’m home in a room, where things are small and bite-sized, but it’s something about seeing his creation that dumbfounds me.

But fortunately, I learned something the other night which really encouraged me.

There was a quality about God which I had neglected which produced this sense of unbelief. That quality is God’s meekness.

Meekness is laying aside of power for a greater cause. I recalled how Jesus resisted Peter trying to save him and said he could command twelve legions of angels to save him. But.. he didn’t. He went on into the cross. That was God’s meekness in effect.

It is God’s meekness which draws me to the stars.

It reminds me that while God is really lofty and exalted, in his meekness, he lays that aside in order to know me. This is not a praise of me (though it has implications!), but this is a celebration of God’s incredible meekness.

Because without his meekness, I would be just dust. But as it is, I am not. I am known and loved by Him.

Jesus, thank you for your meekness.