How many of you watch cooking shows?

Whether on TV or YouTube, so many of them advertise how something is 5min or 10min. And then they actually do it! But you know they always, always, always omit the one thing people don’t understand about cooking:

Most of the work is the prep, not the cooking itself.

Before the things cook in the pan for “5 minutes”, someone spent a LOT of time peeling skin, cutting vegetables, cleaning surfaces, drying meat, thawing frozen goods, and then finally organizing it in a way that makes cooking fast. Most of good cooking is good prep.

In the same way, most of a good time with God is the same.

The one thing to having an amazing time with God is how we prepare for that time. And like cooking, failure to prepare makes cooking hard, unenjoyable, and yield unoptimal results. A lot of times, we don’t budget enough time for it, have our phones with us (a big no-no), we forget to plan for it, are during it in a hurry, didn’t sleep well the night before. All these little preparation start deteriorating what should have been a great time with God.

If you want to have a great time with God every single time, like cooking, put most of the work into the prep. If you ever read Leviticus and the laws required for the temple, then you understand–most of how we come before God is learning how we posture ourselves. In modern-day, this is what this can look like for you:

Go to bed early.
Put it first on your schedule.
Sleep well the night before.
Leave your phone somewhere else

These and a hundred ways more of preparing ourselves. Most of what makes a great time with God every time is having the right preparation.

Do you want to have a great time with God every time? Then prepare yourself.