Jesus, I stand for You
No matter what You lead me through
Tree63 – Stand for You

I used to listen to this song in high school (that was years ago by the way). Back then it was a very meaningful song to my young faith because the lines of following Jesus were clear amidst the social pressures of being a Christian in school.

It’s that heartfelt love that rises up in one’s heart that says “No matter what people say about me, or make fun of me for, Jesus, I’m going to live for you.”

I was spending time with God recently and this song just started to arise from my heart. Out of my mouth sang those words, “Jesus, I stand for you…no matter what you lead me through..” It was this beautiful moment of worship which both revisited the artifacts of my young faith while stirring a new purpose for that song today.

Now being sung as an adult, I see that the calling to stand still stands today. The social pressures are more subtle, more political, more refined, and being an adult often means being more soft, less convicted, and less radical.

To all the temptations to “tune it down”, how much more do I need to pray that I can still sing this at the top of my lungs? Jesus, I stand for you!

It isn’t a beat-you-down type of declaration. It is a soul-searched personal declaration of who my identity is-it’s found in following this person Jesus. Because He gave it all for me and withstood embarrassment and shame for my sake by dying on the cross, it’s a love response which demands me to do the same. And for that, He is worth declaring and exemplifying.

Though I’m no longer in high school, the seasons of life still necessitate Christians to navigate “in what way do I need to stand for Jesus” in a world I don’t belong to. It is necessitated because standing for Jesus, as I realize today, is a lifelong endeavor, and eternal endeavor, that will one day render me to stand boldly before His throne in worship.

It is a stand of love; a stand of boldness; a stand of death-a youthful cry that still under girds an essential quality of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. And for that, Jesus, help me to always stand for you.

A time will come
When everyone
Will turn their eyes
On the Risen Son
But until that day, this world will turn away
And so I’ll take Your hand – I’ll always stand for You