I hear it all the time.

Perhaps people don’t say it out loud but there is a negative connotation to growing older. There’s something about the effects of age which fools us into thinking that we become less fruitful or that the latter years of our lives are less meaningful.

The truth is–nobody controls how long they’ll live for. God might give you 50 more years, God might give you 1 more day.
It’s not about the length of years; it’s about being faithful with what we’re given.

If you think your most fruitful years are when you were younger, then sure, bemoan getting older.

But if you can see that our life’s greatness is not measured by how young we are, or how old we live, but rather by the faithfulness we have lived each and every season..
..then we can look forward to getting older.

Because then getting older = another season to be faithful. And another season that God will say on the day of judgement “”Well done, good and faithful servant””.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.