My pastor was sharing something today that made me really think about the productiveness of my life. He was highlighting how many people feel that they need to accomplish something in their 20’s or 30’s. It reminded that America is a youth-centered culture, where older people are forgotten and less valuable. There’s a lot of pressure being in my twenties to “get it all together” already.

Our society expects that you should have had certain things accomplished e.g. find your career match, walk in your God-given destiny, earn this or that amount of money, be in this place financially, have this marital status, etc… There’s a lot of pressure, even for myself, to feel like I need to accomplish something great already in my 20’s, even as one who wants to be a minister of the Lord.

Then I thought today…is this the way that God sees my life?

Does he want to squeeze the most out of me my 20’s or 30’s? Does he think my life is less valuable because I haven’t arrived at a certain place in my life? Does he grade the decades of my life with the lens of American life efficiency?

I don’t think so.

I don’t think that he’s on that plan. It’s not about me having accomplished things according to the schedule the world has placed on me, it’s about being faithful with every season of life. 

My joy in life is not walking a straight path in life. I can’t think of a biblical hero who did that. My joy is to walk faithfully in the ups and downs of life and to say to God one day “my life was not a straight shot, but I was faithful to you.”

And I think that is my answer to not having it all together in my 20’s.