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So here’s a neat story.

We have a girl who’s been coming to our church who isn’t a Christian, but the Lord has been really drawing her into knowing Him.

Some friends were just hanging out one time getting frozen yogurt when one of the sisters just felt in her spirit that she had to share something with this girl.

She had an impression in her heart the name “Sheela”. She had no one who that was, what it meant, or why she was to share it. But either way, she just went with what she had and asked the girl, “Do you know anyone named Sheela?”

It turns out that she doesn’t know anyone named Sheela. So our sister wasn’t sure why she had that word, but either way she shared it.

The following Monday, it was the girl’s first day at school. Before class she was just sitting in the classroom waiting for the class to start. So she started to talk to the person in front of her. After talking for a bit, she asked her what her name was.

“My name is Sheela.”

Then she kinda freaked out! Turns out Sheela was a someone who was studying the same thing as this girl and also who happened to be a Christian! Not only that, the girl turned around and found at the girl behind her’s name was Sheela too!

Haha! That’s an example of the funny things that Jesus does to bring people to himself.. Praise God!

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