So I got a ticket for having tinted windows and they require me to be at traffic court.

Anyway, I’m there at 8a.m., and you walk in, and you know that nobody wants to be there. The makings for a terrible spiritual environment!

I’m standing there in a line of about a 100 people that will seem to go for hours. So I bury my head in a book and just hope the time goes by.

But then I realized, I’m responding exactly to what the spiritual environment around me wants to. I am caving in to the frustration, the joylessness, and the displeasure of the traffic court.

This is when it’s important to realize that while the environment around me can form me, or the environment of heaven can form me.

So I turn my awareness towards God’s presence, and begin asking God to feel his joy and his love.

And in a matter of minutes, I find myself talking with a lady next to me in line about her life, her work, and end up spending time to pray for her. In traffic court!

This was a good reminder that God’s presence can show up even in the most unpleasant of places.