Journaling for Spiritual Transformation

Journaling for Spiritual Transformation

journaling for spiritual transformation

Staring at a blank page?

People of the Christian faith know that journaling is one of the most powerful tools for spiritual transformation, but they are often stuck knowing why, how, and what?

People don’t know what to journal, what to look for.

The problem then is that they don’t see the transformation that they are looking for.

I want to spare you from the experience of looking at a blank page.

In this book, I’ve consolidated 20 years of journaling experience along with my degree from seminary to help you through a process that has yielded incredible fruit in the lives of people I have taught.

This book will contain the framework that will help every time you sit down to spend time with God such that you will never be lost as to what to do write.

More important, the framework forms the pillar for inviting a participating God into your everyday thinking such that you will begin to see spiritual transformation happen on Day 1.

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